Minutes of SACOTAS August 14, 1997 Meeting

Tessa Perry Evans, Rebecca Gardner, Peter Graham, Harriet Hemmasi, Judy Jeng, Al King (recorder), Rhonda Marker, Ann Montanaro, Lida Sak (guest), Ray Schwartz, Gracemary Smulewitz (for Ferideh Tehrani)

The following minutes for SACOTAS were recorded by Al King, to whom thanks for his usual careful job. I have annotated occasionally where later information is available. --pg

1)TAS Reports

a) Acquisitions (TPE)

Vendor records are being entered (two for each vendor). No purchase orders have been generated yet due to formatting problems with the printouts. [By 9/10 orders are going out regularly. --pg]

b) Cataloging (RM)

Two weeks of unproduced ("save") records in RLIN will be brought into the local system via FTP. [Due to SIRSI loader problems and priorities elsewhere these records will be delayed for some time. --pg]

The Library of Congress plan to adopt a minimal "core record" level was announced and lamented: as a chief source of cataloging copy, LC through its decision will negatively impact the entire library community. [TAS will be presenting forums on this topic, first internally and later to the Libraries as a whole. --pg]

A summary sheet related to LC's--and hence RUL's--implementation of the new KZ (public international law) and JZ (international relations) schedules was distributed. As with previous local implementation of changes in LC classification schedules, no reclassification of existing books (in JX) will be undertaken.

Local use of the ZA schedule (which includes web-related materials, for example) has had little impact so far, but as more books are being cataloged into it, there are implications for one library in particular: at ALEX, where subject bibliographies are also classed in Z, the library science materials will be physically in two places.

A revised policy for treating bibliographies is being adopted for libraries other than ALEX. It is to always assign call numbers based on subjects, rather than to routinely assign a Z location in those instances when LC cataloging does not also include the subject related call number.

A proposed change in practice (due to differences in the operation of the new OPAC) was reviewed for the withdrawal of bibliographic items which are the last copies in the RUL system.

Entering and displaying diacritics in the webcat represents a problem area that is being investigated.

c) Systems (AM)

A sample overdue notice was distributed.

A problem with smart barcodes has been noticed (circ staff must manually erase the last zero).

The option for a patron to change her/his personal identification number online has been removed; instead, a circulation staff member will perform this function upon request.

Some borrowers (e.g., "in transit") were not transferred to the new system on purpose, so GEAC will be left up through Sept. 2nd for circ staff to consult as they feel necessary.

2) LIS implementation reports and discussion

Various committees continue to develop documentation, and work on online help screens is in process. Planning for further instructional sessions is ongoing.

Sirsi has entered into a partnership with Stanford to rewrite the financial system.

Peter Graham reported that negotiations with RLG concerning RLIN pricing for the upcoming year are in process; savings are likely to be slightly less than anticipated from the shift to local cataloging. Other unbudgeted expenses include an extra one-fourth of a year on Sirsi's system and more maintenance cost in the current year than expected. A strategy to meet these various extra charges is being developed.

3) E-journals on Sirsi's Unicorn

To accommodate electronic journals, the additions of "ONLINE" as a type and "ELECTRONIC" (rather than "E-JOURNAL") as a class scheme were agreed to. ("RU-ONLINE" as a library has already received all necessary approvals.)

It was further noted that certain field 856 data (concerning electronic links) is not now displaying, but that it will in the future. [856 hot links now display and work. --pg 9/10/97]

4) Multiple versions of journals

Reflecting what appears to be a national trend and emerging Library of Congress practice, RUL will create one MARC record, not two, for a serial accessible in both print-on-paper and electronic format. (With keyword searching on field 776--additional physical form entry--it will be possible to identify the online resources.) If a title is in electronic format only, it will receive an MDF record.

5) Long range plan

A discussion was held concerning technical and automated services issues which RUL may desire to put forward to the teaching faculty for guidance as part of the planning process. Levels of information access about holdings, the degree of emphasis to be placed on retrospective conversion projects and the locus of information provision within the university were among the several topics mentioned. (This discussion will be summarized more fully in a memo to be prepared by Peter Graham.)

6) New business

A copy of the CD-ROM Working Group Report was distributed for discussion at the next meeting.

7) Round-robin from attendees

An unauthorized broadcast message recently appeared in Unicorn at DANA, resulting from someone accessing the file manager system of Windows. Unicorn itself was not breached.

Future SACOTAS meetings are scheduled for:

Friday Sept. 12th 9:30 a.m., Camden
Thursday Oct. 2nd 9:30 a.m., TSB Conference Room

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