Minutes of SACOTAS January 16, 1998 Meeting

Peter Graham, Tessa Perry Evans, Harriette Hemmasi, Ray Schwartz, Ann Montanaro, Al King, Mary Page (recorder), Helen Hoffman (for Mei Ling Lo), Rhonda Marker, Rebecca Gardner, Judy Jeng, Theo Haynes, MaryBeth Weber (guest)

[page revised 10 Feb. 1998; see corrections below]

Database cataloging: Mary Beth Weber presented several examples of database cataloging. There is good coverage of many of the titles we own in OCLC. Currently, the records are shadowed. There are questions to resolve regarding display.

CD-ROM shelving and access: Mary Beth and Ray Schwartz discussed some of the issues surrounding CD ROMs. SACOPS recommended that we treat CDs like books, but there are concerns that patrons won't find materials if we use the current sublocations. We need to establish guidelines for consistency in how sublocations are used. Mary Beth and Ray will present examples to SACOPS.

Cabinet: Peter reported on ARL ILL performance. One area RUL can improve is turnaround time to our own patrons. We get better results through the RLG SHARES system, but it is more expensive than OCLC. RUL will begin relying more on SHARES to improve service to our patrons.

Peter is drafting a memo to staff on the meetings he held with Marianne Gaunt on Sirsi issues and concerns.

Marianne has requested ICI money from RU administration.

A development officer will be hired, who will work half-time with the Rutgers Development Office and half-time with RUL Development.[see correction below]

East Asian is now a location within Alex, rather than a sublocation. [see correction below]

Marianne is a member of the ARL-SPARK committee, which is focusing on scholarly communication and publishing, with an emphasis on electronic publications in the non-profit environment.

The search for a new dean at SCILS is underway.

VALE project continues development. Funding will be competitive, and institutions must provide matching support (not a problem for RUL). A consulting firm will evaluate proposals. RUL may be a database site for the state. OCLC Site Search is being considered.

There are four faculty groups at work on the New Brunswick reorganization: collection development, instruction, technology, and information services. Draft position descriptions have been prepared for heads of access services and collection support services.

TAS will sponsor an ergonomics fair. There is heightened interest in this topic within RUL because of increased reliance on terminals for daily work.

Kilmer has a new electronic resources librarian, Jia Mi.

Jeanne Boyle has requested substantive articles for the Agenda.

RUNET 2000 refers to an enhanced communications system which will support telephony, data, and video. Goals include wiring the dorms, updating existing network, building in some redundancy, and building a backbone to priority buildings. New Brunswick libraries are on the priority one list. Wiring will be to the building; within building will be the units' responsibility.

Acquisitions: Tessa reported that the first phase of GTI is completed. Orders for major serial vendors have been entered. The next phase is entering standing orders and entering payments. All invoices have been paid, just not entered into Sirsi.

Too many gifts are still arriving. Contact Peter before sending gifts to Acquisitions.

Bob Sewell prepared a report on payments and budget status. Contact your SACCD rep to see this information.

Tessa urged us to get state fund orders in asap.

There are problems printing orders in Unicorn.

Send Mark Witteman new mailing addresses for subscriptions.

Tessa will be on an extended leave, and Peter will be in charge of Acquisitons during that time.

Cataloging: Rhonda reported that they are filling vacancies; one new person has been hired, other positions have been posted.

There is a joint cataloging/acquisitions task force that will test FastCat procedures on gifts. The goal is to minimize handling of items.

The original cataloging backlog has been eliminated, with the exception of about 100 cookbooks for Special Collections that are in process.

Systems: Ann reported that the database reindexing is in progress and it should finish this coming weekend. Reindexing in Geac took 3 weeks; in Sirsi it is taking 3 days.

Windows 95 has been installed on all PC's in TSB. All software will be upgraded to 32 bit applications. They are waiting for the arrival of Lotus and Microsoft packages, which has delayed Windows 95 installations.

We are awaiting access to Agricola from Ovid. The plan is to move to Ovid's web version in early February. The Electronic Resources Committee is looking at the web version of Eureka.

Discussion is taking place on how to authenticate Rutgers people with AOL (eg) accounts. Douglass and Kilmer will soon be re-wired.

LIS Implementation: Peter reported on the meeting he convened at ALA for representatives of large academic Sirsi libraries. The meeting was very successful, and subsequently he and a few others met with the Sirsi management. All signs indicate that Sirsi wants to listen to our concerns.

Rhonda reported on Sirsi's Workflows interface to Unicorn. Workflows will get rid of the "dashboard" and should provide a more logical interface with the system. It's basically a new look to the same functionality. Cataloging, authority control, and reports will be ready for beta testing during the 2nd quarter of 1998. Workflows will require an upgrade to Unicorn 98. Another package called Workbench will be available soon. Workbench allows customization of Workflows. Sirsi intends to charge $10,000 for one authorized user per site. Ann objected that that amount is too great an investment in a single staff member.

Microform barcoding: Harriette presented the issues related to barcoding microfilm. If we barcoded microfilm, it would solve the dilemma of displaying either the print or film version in the Latest Issues field. The tradeoff is that this process would be very labor intensive. Harriette will bring the matter to SACOPS for their consideration.

Brief reports from ALA followed: Peter: RLG. Judy: ALA Ethics. Rhonda: RLG, Godort, CCDA. Mary: Conser. Harriette: Subject Analysis Comm.

Al reported on a new exhibit at Special Collections on the New Jersey Constitution.

Next meeting: Feb 5, 1998 1:30 pm

Correction re East Asian Library

East Asian is now a location within Alex, rather than a sublocation.

This is inaccurate; the reverse it true. East Asian moved from a location to a sublocation.

The sentence should read something like "East Asian is now a collection of sublocations within Alex, rather than a separate library."

Peter, I note in the SACOTAS miutes that the development oficer position was reported as half-time RU development and half-time RUL development. That isn't accurate. The position is full-time RUL deveopment, but the funding is shared.

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