Minutes of SACOTAS, October 1, 1998

Haynes, Hemmasi, Jeng, Kesselman, King, Montanaro, Page, Papai, Sloan, Weber

[Thanks to Marty Kessleman for minutes, with updates from various SACOTAS members.]

1. MARC Holdings Update:

Lida Sak, Gracemary Smulewitz, Mary Page, and Bob Warwick gave a presentation on US MARC holdings. They have been investigating the use of MARC Holdings for our serial records in SIRSI. This group began one year ago and members have visited other libraries and have attended training sessions.

The major advantage of using MARC Holdings is that this standard will be important when we migrate to future systems, much of the work can be automated, and holdings information in the public catalog is made clearer. The MARC Holdings Statement is automatically generated from the serial check-in record and it works very well for straightforward titles. For complex titles, we may need intervention by higher-level staff. A handout with several examples was provided.

Most SIRSI libraries presently using MARC holdings manually key in the holdings via textual holdings fields rather than using the automated capability. With SIRSI, this can be done automatically (this capability is not noted in the SIRSI Manuals, and the MARC holds group believes that RUL is the only SIRSI site to implement this feature).

If we implement MARC holdings, it could replace our summary holdings ("Library has....") and latest issues rec'd statements in IRIS.

Some things to be considered:

2. TAS Reports:

AUL/Harriette -- Unless there are questions or issues that directly affect

SACOTAS, minutes from Cabinet will not be included in Harriette's AUL report to SACOTAS. The LIS Training Coordinator position was discussed. There was a correction to the Cabinet Minutes which should read, " Acquisitions is working with Nancy Hendrickson to streamline invoice processing." The handout of Pros and Cons of having Tech Services in a remote location is based on comments Harriette had rec'd from SACOTAS to help another library investigating a similar configuration. Additional comments should be given to Harriette. Harriette reccommended that we keep a log of activities similar to the one SACOPS is using (also handed out). A TAS Networked Resources Committee has been established (Jane Sloan, Mary Beth Weber, Lida Sak, Ann Montanaro) to look at streamlining procedures.

Cataloging/Mary Beth Weber -- Christopher Ross has been hired to work in Database Management. The Librarian V position has been re-posted. A TAS meeting was held as part of the process to begin using BNA records (info for acquisitions, including table of contents info in SIRSI). Series training is being provided for the Catalog Dept and is geared to the specific needs of each Cataloging section. A Space Committee is looking at reconfiguring the Cataloging work areas. There is still a problem of loading East Asian records into IRIS.

Systems/Ann Montanaro -- Dave is working almost full-time on VALE. Two servers have been rec'd, one will stay at RUL the other will go to Seton Hall. Sho Nakagama has been hired. He has been working for Systems on the authentication of users coming from outside Internet service providers. Systems will now support Netscape Mail. Catherine Geddis will arrange for training sessions. Zmlite will continue to be supported.

*Acquisitions/Jane Sloan: Ordering is up to date. Ordering and gifts forms and workflows and priorities are being examined. Jane noted that there is an ongoing demand for more quickly getting current imprint gifts through the system. Until priorities are agreed upon, Jane will see that this kind of item is specially taken care of. She requested that these items be sent to her attention with a note indicating that items are current imprint gifts. A Library Asst 2 position in Acquisitions is being posted.

3. Journal Cancellations Impact on TAS/Mary Page --

Mary noted that $157,000 needs to be recovered from NB ($250,000 from all of RUL). Looked at paper copies of ProQuest titles, looked at expensive duplicate subscriptions, particularly in the sciences. But for some heavily items such as PNAS, Science and Nature which cost less than $1000, it is a "catch 22" situation as there will be increased costs in ILL and with the Rutgers Request Service.

Dana cancelled Social Science Citation Index and Science Citation Index and considered cancelling Laser Disclosure and some Predicasts titles.

Robeson cancelled print and microfilm version of Washington Post and one journal title. The remainder of the total $14,000 cut was taken from Robeson's monographs budget. (At Alex, 50% of the cancellation also came out of the monographs budget). NB cancellation lists are available on the T drive.

4. RECON Update/ Harriette Hemmasi --

Harriette requested feedback on the shelf-list sampling document by 10/15. This is for items that have full-cataloging that was done manually on cards. Currently getting info from vendors and we will send 100 sample cards to each to get estimates on costs. Handout was distributed which is a working inventory of uncataloged items in each of the libraries. Several libraries/areas still have not provided input. As this document reflects all of RUL, it needs to be complete. Harriette would like to share the inventory with SACOPS and SACCDM, so missing information is needed by October 15.

5. RoundRobin :

Marty is working with other senior elected SAC members (Howard Dess and Penny Page) to draft a document on the composition of the SACS for discussion at the next Coordinating Comm meeting which will make a recommendation to the RUL faculty at the November Faculty Meeting. As SACOTAS will not meet until after the next Coordinating Committee meeting, Marty will be soliciting input by email.

Mary handed out the NB Tech Services reorganization chart. There are 4 team leaders (Steve Zahorbenski/Serials Processing, Paul Cabelli/IRIS Maintenance, Dorothy Lawrence/Bindery and Preservation, and Bob Hosh/Government Documents). Gracemary Smulewitz is the Coodinator for all 4 teams. Site Administrators at Alex, LSM, and Douglass will be looking at staffing for public services operations by TAS. Individuals who only work part-time on collections services functions such as those at Kilmer and Branch libraries will report to Access Services. A Coordinator for Branch Library Tech Service functions has been established. For issues related to collection services, Kilmer Library (no full-time staff in this area) will be considered as part of Branch Library tech services.

Next Meeting is November 5, at DANA, 10:00 am. Judy Jeng will make lunch arrangements.

Respectfully submitted, Marty Kesselman, October 1, 1998

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