Minutes of September 25, 2008 Meeting

K. Au, E. Berger (recorder), S. Bartz, S. Beck, N. Borisovets, J. Cassel (chair), J. Gardner, T. Glynn, S. Harrington, M. Kesselman, F. Puniello, C. Radick, W. Ren, R. Womack
K. Denda, C. H. Liew, S. McDonald
M. De Fino, T. Kuchi, V. Dent, C. Sterback

1. Approval Of Agenda

2. Discussion Of Agenda Items

Security Issues

F. Puniello reported on meeting of the Health and Safety Committee and revision of emergency manual.

N. Borisovets asked if building plans are immediately available to emergency personnel during crisis.

J. Cassel circulated USC draft memo to M. Gaunt asking that safety within RUL system be made a priority. She will make suggested changes and send to M. Gaunt this week.

J. Gardner suggested that "lockdown" situation duties of RUL staff be added to the manual; Council agreed with this suggestion.

Content Management System Update

Guests Kayo Denda, Choong Hoong Liew, and Sam McDonald reported on the activities of the Web Services Group and the Who's Who Design Group. K. Denda and C. Liew stressed the plans for a dynamic web design allowing each selector to update his or her own listings without the need to submit information through the webmaster. N. Borisovets cautioned against expecting librarians to routinely perform these updates due to time pressures.

S. McDonald announced plans for optimization or replacement of the server to accommodate expanded databases.


Council reviewed a draft handout listing five USC goals for 2008-2009. F. Puniello questioned the need for goal #4 (creation of a marketing plan), since RUL already has a Marketing Committee. Council agreed to remove this item from the draft and appointed K. Au as liaison to the Marketing Committee.

Several members raised questions about the wording of goal #1 ("developing a user research agenda to identify, support and facilitate our users' changing information needs"), since it was unclear who would carry out this function and what it would entail. J. Cassel will rework this sentence.

F. Puniello questioned the "oversight" function in goal # 2 ("The USC will act as the oversight group for the development and review of all public service policies and guidelines"). S. Beck felt the oversight function should be removed in order to allow the Council to concentrate on broader policy development. Council agreed to remove goal #2 since it is already covered in the bylaws.

Members agreed that goal #3 (development of a system-wide instructional philosophy) is a priority and will discuss its implementation. Summary of discussion of USC Goals: Council retained goals 1, 3 and 5 (eliminating 2 and 4).

Update on DIG (Database Interface Group)

Council studied the Group's charge and added S. Beck and W. Ren to DIG. J. Cassel will ask Laura Mullen to chair.

Access to E-Reference Sources

J. Cassel and others reported on Gale and Sage reference packages and presented an overview of the databases purchased. J. Cassel raised the question of a taskforce to determine how these resources are made available. Consensus was that each reference title should be available via IRIS. It was suggested that issues related to electronic reference databases/packages be included in DIG's charge and that a representative from Cataloging should be included on the working group.

Before adjourning, M. Kesselman reported on the 9/24/08 meeting of the Planning and Coordinating Committee.


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