Minutes of August 11, 2010 Meeting

Agnew, Bartz, Borisovets, Fetzer, R. Gardner, Kuzma (recorder), Mardikian, Mulcahy, Puniello, Purger, Sloan (guest), Sun

1) Approval of Agenda

Agenda was approved.

2) Approval of Minutes

Minutes of the July 21 meeting were approved with no additions, changes, corrections. Minutes have been distributed.

3. Update from Video Reserves

Jane Sloan reviewed the Charge of the Video Reserves Working Group, the purpose of which is to upgrade and expand streaming video reserves service. The Group has been working with University Counsel and Jeanne Boyle, and of primary concern is the allowable length of video under fair use, and if the limit of 15 minutes is per video or per course. The faculty member selecting the video will be responsible for ensuring that fair use guidelines are observed.

Grace Agnew recommended that the Group delay the announcement of this service until a video annotation tool, which is being developed by RUL for NJVid and will soon be completed, is released. She also questioned how access would be restricted to the videos.

In the meantime, the service will be available on a case-by-case basis, and development of it has been remanded to the Streaming Media Group, chaired by Jane Otto, and which will report to the USC. Jan Reinhart will be added to the Streaming Media Group. The current Working Group will continue their discussions with University Counsel and Jeanne Boyle and present their report when those are concluded.

4. Updates/Information Sharing from AULs

Mary Fetzer reported that RUL received a Statewide Services grant from the State Library in the amount of $55,000. Also, the Public Service Policy Memos (PSPMs) approved by the USC do not need the approval of Cabinet and can be posted on the website. Sara Harrington had previously volunteered to take care of this.

Françoise Puniello reported that the lighting project is continuing, and LSM is getting additional power outlets for users. The design of the café for the lower level of Alexander Library has been finalized and construction will begin in December, with anticipation of opening the café in January. There will be a contest to name the café open to students, with an iPad as the prize.

5. Update on Web Board

Grace and Tibor Purger presented the founding charge of the RUL Web Board, which was created to coordinate and enhance the development of RUL's web presence. The Board will consist of members of the Cyber Infrastructure Steering Committee (CISC), Digital Interface Committee (DIG), IRIS Public Access Committee (IPAC), Mobile Devices Task Force (MDTF), Web Advisory Council (WAC), PC Working Group (PCWG) and Integrated Information Systems (IIS) as well as other faculty and staff as needed. It will differ from WAC in that it will govern design and development rather than content of the website. The Board will also evaluate new web tools and regulate their use to ensure that they are integrated with RUL's web presence, and its ultimate goal will be to release two new versions of the website a year.

Grace also mentioned inviting Jacek Gwizdka of SC&I to participate as he specializes in web metrics and can help with overall assessment of the website.

The Web Board Founding Charge was approved.

6. Goals Discussion

The USC co-chairs met with Jeanne Boyle and discussed goal setting and the development of goals within the framework of the RUL Strategic Plan Goals.

Seven goals of the USC for the upcoming year were discussed:

The USC co-chairs will flesh out these goals/activities and include the objectives and assessments. A draft will be presented for discussion at the next meeting.

Groups reporting to USC will be asked to share their goals with USC as well.

7. Information Sharing / Selecting DIG Representative / Agenda for September Meeting

Grace, on behalf of Gracemary Smulewitz, reported that the migration from Serials Solutions' software to the EBSCO Service Suite is going smoothly and ought to be finished ahead of schedule.

Grace also nominated Li Sun to be the USC representative to DIG; Li accepted.

The Council will ask Gene Springs to report on implementation of LibGuides and ask Sam McDonald for research guide usage statistics; these will be used as benchmarks in our evaluation of LibGuide usage.

8. Adjournment

The meeting was adjourned. The next meeting will be held on Wednesday, September 8th.

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