Minutes of December 8, 2010 Meeting

Katie Anderson, Stepahnie Bartz, Vibiana Cvetkovic, Mary Fetzer, Judy Gardner, Tom Glynn, Jackie Mardikian, John Maxymuk, Françoise Puniello (recorder) Tibor Purger, Li Sun, Roberta Tipton. Natalie Borisovets and Kevin Mulcahy (co-chairs)
John Brennan, Mei Ling Lo, Rebecca Martinez, and Jill Nathanson

1. The minutes of 10/13/10 and 11/10/10 were approved.

2. Library Distance Education Video

Mei Ling Lo and Jill Nathanson gave an interesting presentation on the accomplished in the last two months and what we can expect in the future. They showed how easy it is to use the eCollege platform to do things like linking to our LibGuides and inserting our informational videos. They are attending the Rutgers eCollege conference where they have two goals; 1. To make faculty aware of our resources and 2. To embed our resources in their (faculty) pages. They keep finding/developing other resources for faculty such as LibGuides on how to incorporate articles in their sites, how to use persistent URL's and are currently working on a LibGuide on "Library resources and Faculty Support for Distance Education." They demonstrated what is on YouTube on the Rutgers University Channel and requested a small budget to purchase a newer version of Camtasia. The council endorsed this proposal. Discussion ensued on where to place instructional videos on our webpages. A goal is to find a video in two clicks; suggestions were perhaps under Learning Tools and those pertaining to faculty under Faculty Services. They will work with Stephanie Bartz on placement and Stephanie will take it to WAC. Currently Mei Ling and Jill are not taking requests to create more videos since they not only take time to create, they take time to maintain. The LibGuide containing short videos introducing the libraries can be found at http://libguides.rutgers.edu/videos.

3. Marketing Team-Activities and Opportunities

John Brennan and Rebecca Martinez spoke about what is the Marketing Team and its chief goal, which is to raise the visibility of the libraries and library services to the university and the larger scholarly community. They reviewed the three year goal objectives, namely to increase press placements; to be more visible at major university events; to give assistance to the AUL for Planning in her assessment efforts and to constantly validate the validity of the library's brand. The team wants to assess library faculty communication needs and to provide support to services outreach needs. So far marketing has been limited; have had a couple of articles in Rutgers Today. Now they are working on an opt-in E-Newsletter which is geared to faculty. It will be research oriented and very strategic. It will be just one screen long, so no one has to scroll down; perhaps highlighting one or two resources with a suggestion for their use, or a section of latest publications available to faculty. The team wants it to be sophisticated and perhaps come out twice a semester. The discussion turned to asking how to promote this publication. John and Rebecca also asked the committee if RUL still needed a published "Guide for Students". It was suggested that a bookmark, similar to the one done for faculty, be published instead. Rebecca and John also talked about the libraries Facebook presence and showed the calling card used in marketing. It was suggested that the URL for Facebook be added to the bookmark. The team requested that any ideas for promotional activities be sent directly to Harry Glazer at 732-932-7505 or by email at hglazer@rci.rutgers.edu.

4. PCWG-New Brunswick Backgrounds for Public PCS with Warning Notices

Joseph Abraham presented to the committee a notice which reads "To protect your privacy all personal files and settings are removed when you log off or the computer restarts. As an additional safeguard this computer will restart if not used for 15 minutes. Please save your file regularly to external media (such as a USB drive or via FTP). Lost files are not recoverable." We need this as students can now, for example, work on papers on our computers, but forget to save them. Council endorsed this signage.

5. Revised Draft Open Access Policy

Kevin Mulcahy presented a document mandating that RUL library faculty deposit scholarly journal articles in RUcore. This is intended to test and to model what we will be asking of teaching faculty. This is only for scholarly journal articles. Several questions and issues were raised. How will articles co-authored with non-RUL faculty be handled. Some questioned whether it is appropriate to mandate irrevocable deposit-or indeed to mandate any deposit at all, feeling this might violate academic freedom. How will retractions be handled, and what penalties are there for non-compliance? It was felt that institutions, other than Duke (which served as a model for our draft policy), should be queried about their discussions on this topic. Kevin will bring these comments and questions back to the Committee on Scholarly Communication for consideration.

6. AUL and IIS Director Updates

Mary Fetzer announced the addition of Eileen Stec as a member of the Media Team.

Units are looking at the more recent Counting Opinions results and will report back through the Reference Team Leaders. Note that the data are available through Sakai, under RUL Assessment Reports (https://sakai.rutgers.edu/portal/site/6bbf4525-04f6-4d24-a267-b94d6cb3109a ) and to view the data requires authorization from Jeanne. Jeanne Boyle would like updates on how results are being used.

Mary has been meeting with Gary Gigliotti and Monica Devanas, along with Anne Cilliberti from William Patterson and Mark Thompson from Middlesex County College, regarding a rubric on the assessment of information literacy.

Francoise reported that work on the Café will begin in the Spring semester, and that we received more than 2000 suggestions for a name. A committee has been formed to pick the name. Construction of the new Alexander Library Reference Desk is scheduled for the January intersession.

Tibor Purger reported that the Kilmer Library transition to Voice Over Ip is now complete. Chang Library will be next in the spring. One issue still not resolved is calling 911. If people call old number they will get a recording directing to the new 848 exchange.

Tibor demonstrated a new webpage (http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/pc_availability/pc_availability.shtml) which shows, library by library, the availability of pc's for public use (Mac use is not currently displayed).

Judy Gardner announced that we will have a new E-ZBorrow system in place in January with a quite different interface. Patrons will be able to search all PALCI library catalogs at the same time.

Gideon Thompson is completing his rotation in Access Services by working on a project to analyze RUL's lending and borrowing requests in E-ZBorrow.

Li Sun announced a brown bag lunch on EBSCO. Questions were raised on where to send IRIS error reports. Li Sun explained that there is one person in CTS reads all the reports. They get about 10 error reports a week. If you find an error about E-resources please send an email to DIG@sakai.rutgers.edu.

7. Future agenda items

Include clarification of the error-reporting process for e-resources and a demonstration of the new E-ZBorrow interface. Please send additional items to Kevin Mulcahy.

Meeting adjourned at 11:55am.

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