Minutes of February 9, 2011 Meeting

Stephanie Bartz, Natalie Borisovets (Co-Chair), Mary Fetzer, Rebecca Gardner, Judy Gardner, Melissa Gasparotto, Sara Harrington (guest), James Hartstein (guest), David Kuzma, Jackie Mardikian, Kevin Mulcahy (Co-Chair), Jill Nathanson (guest), Francoise Puniello, Tibor Purger (recorder), Gideon Thompson (guest) Teleconferencing from Camden: Vibiana Cvetkovic, John Maxymuk.

1. The agenda was approved (with one change in the order of items).

2. Minutes of the December 8, 2010 meeting: approved.

3. Update on Information Literacy Implementation Advisory Committee (ILIAC)

Harrington submitted an update on ILIAC's work - see attached Appendix.
After a brief discussion, USC accepted the update and supported the ILIAC work.

4. Clickers for Library Instruction

Nathanson demonstrated the iClicker devices and described the initial experience emphasizing need to plan their use carefully.

5. Update on Chat Reference Task Force

Borisovets updated the USC on the work of the Chat Reference Task Force. The TF has surveyed current Meebo users (11 responses out of 23 participants) and based its criteria on gained experience. It reviewed the leading solutions and is about to wrap up its work.

In the discussion, Fetzer emphasized that cost should not be an excluding factor. Purger mentioned the need for good integration with the future web design.

The TF will report back with its recommendation.

6. AULs and IIS Director Reports

Fetzer reported on the search for the new Digital User Services Librarian.

Puniello reported on the Alexander Library Café project and on sculpture donations.

Purger reported on recent IT-related issues, including PC reservation bypass vulnerability that has been resolved; Iliad migration completed; Zimbra migration completed, advanced training to be offered.

Mulcahy discussed the Guest Login Notification document. [Camden] suggested extension capabilities.

7. E-ZBorrow Transition Update/Demo

Gardner updated the USC on the project and announced that NetID authentication might be delayed due to vendor delays. E-ZBorrow was demonstrated.

Borisovets brought up the issue of adding barcodes for now.

8. Web Board Update

Purger reported on the Web Board's plans: two meetings had to be cancelled due to inclement weather but work started and the Board plans an accelerated schedule to catch up. They will be meeting bi-weekly until the end of the school year.

9. Announcements

Fetzer announced activity on the planned merger with RWJ Medical School and what it entails for the Libraries (database comparison).

10. Agenda Items for March

No items planned at this time.

11. The meeting was adjourned at noon.

Submitted by Tibor Purger


Update on ILIAC Activities (By Sara Harrington)

Firstly, the members of ILIAC would like to thank the members of USC and the Interim AUL for RIS, Mary Fetzer, for an interesting and engaging project. USC charged ILIAC, and the charge can be found in the USC sakai site (October 13, 2010 folder). The members of ILIAC are Jeris Cassel, Vibiana Bowman Cvetkovic, Sara Harrington (chair), Mei Ling Lo, and Kevin Mulcahy.

Since November 2010 ILIAC has met four times. Across the course of these meetings, ILIAC has carefully reviewed and considered the charge, and pondered what was central to the Committee's work. The Committee consulted with Mary Fetzer as necessary, and thanks her for encouraging flexibility in interpreting the charge. ILIAC must consider how members of the teaching faculty teach information literacy (even if they call it something else, like research skills, or research competencies), what members of the teaching faculty think students need to know in this area, and how the Libraries might further partner with members of the teaching faculty. As a first step, Sara Harrington sent to the rul_everyone listserv a call for recommendations for names of members of the teaching faculty with whom we might consult. ILIAC also brainstormed a long list of names of members of the teaching faculty and administrators that would cast a wide net, and represent a wide range of disciplines, subject areas, levels of the teaching faculty, and other administrative stakeholders who might be in a position to move information literacy efforts forward.

ILIAC was encouraged to submit an application to the Rutgers Institutional Review Board, since, in studying the information literacy efforts of faculty members, we would, in effect, be working with human subjects. ILIAC members are thus preparing an application for exemption (under the category research involving educational practices) and the component parts of the application include the application itself, the full research protocol, letter of invitation, the interview questions, the focus group guide, and the informed consent form.

All of these application elements must be fully developed and finely tuned. ILIAC members have spent considerable time putting together the parts of the application, and working our way around some central points, including the demographic information we should collect, and the central questions we need to ask in our search for new ideas and information literacy partners. A central issue in the IRB application is confidentiality (and how ILIAC is going to safeguard the information we collect, and separate it from the personal identity of the participants.) Students are specifically excluded from the study.

Given the complexities of the IRB application, it is clear that ILIAC will not meet the timeline originally set by USC. Sara Harrington will consult with Mary Fetzer and the USC co-chairs as ILIAC's work moves forward and as she has a better idea of the timeline. In order to update the Libraries faculty on ILIAC's work, Sara Harrington will distribute (in one message) the brief records of the ILIAC meetings to the rul_fac listserv.

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