Minutes of April 25, 2013 Meeting

Katie Anderson (cochair), Stephanie Bartz, Joseph Deodato, Mary Fetzer, Bonnie Fong, Erika Gorder, Tom Glynn (recorder), Melissa Just, Linda Langschied (guest), Mei Ling Lo (guest), Kerry O'Rourke, Cathy Pecoraro, Tibor Purger, Jane Sloan, Roberta Tipton (co-chair)

Agenda was modified for IIS Director report to be given first.

1) IIS Director Report- Tibor Purger

Systems is in the process of purchasing:

Work on the new website continues. The Web Board will report to the Council in May. The current version includes a more prominent presence for online chat.

2) Embedding RefChatter into Online and Hybrid Courses- Mei Ling Lo

Mei Ling, Sam MacDonald, and Jill Nathanson have been collaborating with two colleagues at the Center for Online and Hybrid Learning and Instructional Technology (COHLIT): Sylvia Muller, Curriculum Developer, and Chris Valera, the Assistant Director of Information Technology. The focus at present is the group of approximately twenty instructors who received a COHLIT grant to develop a hybrid class this summer. Sam has created code that makes it easy to embed RefChatter in E-College, the software that COHLIT uses. Instructors will have the option of adding the service to a menu of resources on the left of the page. Our chat box, with hours, will appear when the service is available. When it's not, students will see the chat hours and phone numbers for the reference desks in Camden, Newark, and New Brunswick. Sylvia, who has an MLS, will be offering training on how to teach a hybrid class that will highlight RefChatter. There will be an evaluation at the end of the summer. If this pilot with E-College is successful, we hope to work with the Office of Information Technology (OIT) to incorporate RefChatter into Sakai. Additionally, we are also looking into incorporating LibGuides into E-College, although that involves some technical challenges.

3) Seeking feedback on users' current views of the Libraries and inviting Libraries projects to receive Communication support- Linda Langschied

Linda presented on behalf of the Marketing Committee and for Harry Glazer, the RUL Communications Director, who was unable to attend. The committee is soliciting feedback on the RUL brand, which at present is:

Linda asked what we are hearing from our users; do we live up to our brand? This lead into a discussion of what a brand is. A brand is different from marketing specific services or resources; it should be what sets an entity apart from its competitors. One example offered was Coke (the All-American soft drink) versus Pepsi (the Pepsi generation). It was suggested that our brand is now five years old and that we might want to reconsider it. Perhaps the emphasis should be not on service ("we can give you …"), but rather engagement ("we can create together "). It was also suggested that we might want to rethink the Marketing Committee overall. It was stressed in particular that there should be more input from RIS. The RUL brand might be a good topic for an open forum for staff and faculty.

4) Swank Motion Pictures- Jane Sloan

Swank Motion Pictures provides online access to feature films. Essentially we can get semester-long "loans" of films that are accessible from the Swank website via a dedicated url, with netid authentication. The price per title decreases based upon the number of films we access and we have an offer for consortial pricing. Jane suggested we commit at least $5,000 per year initially. This would give us access to twenty films per semester. The Council looked at this in July 2011 and there were concerns raised, among other things, about the quality of the steaming video. Since then, there has been a sharp increase in demand for these kinds of titles. Approximately one third of faculty requests for videos are for feature films, and they are also heavily used in distance education courses. The Council decided that the Media Team, in consultation with appropriate colleagues from Access Services and other units, will arrange for this service to be available in the fall semester. The number of films we will stream that first semester was left open for now.

5) Webscale Discovery- Joseph Deodato

Joseph reported on the preliminary findings of the Webscale Discovery Service Evaluation Team. He first distinguished webscale discovery from our current federated search product. A webscale discovery service searches a single pre-harvested centralized index created by a vendor containing both local content, such as the library catalog, and licensed content, such as subscription databases. Federated search broadcasts a query to multiple information sources separately and combines the responses into a single search result. He also distinguished webscale discovery from a discovery layer (or "next-generation catalog"), which is simply a public search interface with modern features such as faceted browsing, smart searching, and visually enhanced record displays.

The Webscale Discovery Service Evaluation Team was charged in December and has made considerable progress towards a final report. So far it has, among other tasks, arranged for vendor demonstrations, drafted a list of product requirements, sent out vendor and customer questionnaires, and developed a weighted evaluation rubric. It is currently in the process of arranging trials with three of the vendors, Primo, Summon and EDS (but not WorldCat Local). The trials should begin at the end of May and, based upon follow up with the vendors and feedback from colleagues, the team will make a final recommendation at the end of June. For more information, including the rubric and an extensive bibliography, see the team's libguide: http://libguides.rutgers.edu/discovery.

6) AUL for RIS Report- Melissa Just

President Barchi contacted Melissa about extending hours at the end of the semester. As a result, Alexander, LSM, and Kilmer will be open twenty-four hours for three more days this spring. In the future, she hopes to extend this to other libraries, including Newark and Camden. We may get additional funding from the Rutgers administration to make this possible.

Three searches are in progress: a Music/Performing Arts Librarian, an Instructional Design Librarian, and a Chemistry/Physics Librarian. A decision on the latter position should be made shortly. The Planning & Coordinating Committee is also reviewing two more job descriptions, an Undergraduate Experience Librarian and a Digital Humanities Librarian.

Work on integrating with UMDNJ continues. One particular focus lately has been interlibrary loan. We need to make changes so that we are using the same ILL interface and to make decisions about uniform policies, including those relating to fees charged to our users.

Melissa will be meeting at ALA Annuals and Mid-Winters with a CIC Library Public Service Directors Group. The group also meets virtually once a month.

The Margery Somers Foster Undergraduate Multimedia Awards were presented at Douglass Library on May 24. There were two winners and two honorary mentions. The winning videos were extremely impressive and it was very enjoyable event.

The Libraries participated in the first annual Undergraduate Research Writing Conference on April 10. One of the awards presented was a RUL prize for Best Research Effort. The winner was Drumit Joshi for "How a Racially Diverse Bench Can Improve Sentencing."

6) Announcements- All

Katie Anderson: Robeson Library held a Faculty Authors event for Camden on April 15th. There has been lots of construction in the building recently.

7) Future Agenda Items

The Read Scale Task Force will report at the next Council meeting.

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