Minutes of June 27, 2013 Meeting

T. Glynn, M. Just, J. Deodato, L. Sun, K. O'Rourke, M. Fetzer, J. Gardner, T. Purger, R. Tipton, B. Fong (teleconference), K. Anderson (teleconference)

1-2. Agenda and Minutes of May 30, 2012 Approved with 3 corrections.

3. USC Goals

Anderson and Tipton led discussion with reference to the Goal Grid. Most of the Council's goals have been completed; one goal will carry over -- concerning a MyAccount mobile feature for the website -- if the new Council decides. The Rutgers strategic plan will not change until the Fall.

RefWorks Flow was discussed as a possible software acquisition goal for next year. It offers the attachment of all types of files including video, and involves a 20% price increase over the current version.

4. LibGuides Author Manual

Deodato reviewed the new LibGuides Author Manual available at: http://libguides.rutgers.edu/manual.

The manual is intended to provide guidance to authors for creating and maintaining LibGuides. In support of USC goal 1b to establish editorial guidelines for LibGuides, the manual includes policies and editorial guidelines approved by the LibGuides Working Group (Stephanie Bartz, Joseph Deodato, Karen Hartman, Mei Ling Lo, Peggy Dreker , Julie Still) to ensure consistency and best practices across the platform.

Much of the discussion concerned scope, which the working group defines according to five categories: Subject Guides, Course Guides, How To Guides, User Guides, and Staff Guides. How To Guides include information about locating particular types of materials or using specific tools. User Guides include audience-specific information. Staff Guides include internal and committee documentation, project management, etc. How To Guides were noted to overlap in purpose and theme with existing help content on the RUL website such as tutorials and How Do I ...? pages. In order to have all help content discoverable from one place, it was suggested that authors of How To Guides contact the Web Team to have their guides cross-linked from How Do I ...? As the Web Board moves to redesign online help and as librarians become content creators within the website's new content management system, these two areas of help content will become more tightly coordinated.

Another area discussed was maintenance. The manual asks all authors to review their published guides, make necessary content updates, and run link checker reports once per semester. (Only the links in 'Links' boxes are maintained by LibGuides, when the 'Link checker' is utilized. All other links much be checked by hand.) The LibGuides Administrator will distribute an annual system-wide usage report, but authors are asked to review usage of their own guides at the end of each year. Authors are encouraged to program maintenance task reminders into their calendar. The working group recommended that the LibGuides administrator notify all authors of guides that have not been updated in the last year (currently there are approximately 90 published guides that fit this criteria). However, USC recommended that this item be removed from the guidelines since the date of a guide's last update is publicly visible to all.

Other guidelines reviewed included titling, friendly URLs, style, layout, and succession. All guidelines are included in the manual and offered as an abridged checklist that authors are encouraged to review prior to publication.

On the question of enforcement, USC agreed that authors would be responsible for adhering to the guidelines, but was unanimously opposed to establishing an editorial board that would review and approve guides. Among other factors, the sheer amount of content for review (approximately 900 guides and 7,500 pages) would create a bottle neck in the publication process.

UMDNJ librarians received LibGuides training in May and are currently in the process of migrating their content into the system. UMDNJ guides will be accessible from a directory linked to the Medical and Health Sciences section of LibGuides. Links to guides that have yet to be migrated will redirect to the appropriate page on the UMDNJ website.

The working group will hold a series of staff workshops later this summer to review the new guidelines as well as new features included with our upgrade to LibGuides CMS. The vendor has just announced a series of additional changes that will be coming to LibGuides as part of a general "refresh." In addition, the Web Team is currently working on rebranding LibGuides in accordance with the website redesign. Rather than introduce all of these new changes piecemeal, Deodato is hoping to cover everything in a single workshop.

5. Committee Co-Chair and Future Meetings -- Anderson, Tipton

Anderson and Tipton put out a call for a co-chair in the coming year. This can be decided in July when the Council is reconstituted with new members.

6. AUL-RIS & IIS Director Reports- G. Agnew, M.Just, T. Purger (20 minutes)

Just congratulated all for new website. Two searches are beginning for an Undergraduate Experience Librarian, and a Digital Humanities Librarian. A university wide space planning process for all campuses is beginning and we are part of the 'student experience' - along with Dining, Residence Halls, and others. The process will kick off with meetings with architecture and design consultants this month. We see the need to repurpose many of our spaces and to expand at least Special Collections, medical library buildings, and the Annex. Space is a main concern for everyone at Rutgers.

Just took the Core Reference Responsibilities Report to cabinet and they enthusiastically approved.

Finally, she related the extensive efforts around the FAQ for Day 1 of the UMDNJ integration, which is now past.

Purger discussed issues with new website, which Cabinet is still assessing. Assignments will be made to maintain various sections of it. There is much new equipment in IIS : a backup generator has been chosen and will be installed as soon as builders are available; new servers are being configured to replicate and preserve all functionality; a new videoconferencing system is being purchased; a new trouble ticket system will be implemented and all staff will have access to it through a webpage; 120 staff workstations and 24 user workstations (in an IHL) are being purchased. IIS continues to be short of personnel.

7. Announcements and Committee Updates- All

Deodato announced that the webscale discovery team is in the process of setting up trial evaluations for EDS, Primo, and Summon. The team will be issuing a call to selectors to assist with subject-based testing.Tipton emphasized the recent call of the 'top ten things you need to know about teaching at RUL'; this can be from the viewpoint of librarians or instructors.

Meeting adjourned

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