Minutes of July 24, 2014 Meeting

Joseph Abraham (guest), Grace Agnew, Katie Anderson (co-chair), Stephanie Bartz, Natalie Borisovets, Joseph Deodato, Bonnie Fong, Rebecca Gardner, Tom Glynn, Yu-Hung Lin, Melissa Just, Kerry O'Rourke, Cathy Pecoraro (recorder), Tibor Purger, Jane Sloan, Elizabeth Surles, Bobbie Tipton (co-chair), Zara Wilkinson

1) Introductions and Welcome to new members and thanks to Katie Anderson for being co-chair for the 2013/2014 term.

2) The agenda was adopted with minor changes to the order of the items

3) Approval of the May minutes. (The June Meeting was cancelled due to USC members attending the ALA Conference)

4) Public Computers Issue with purging PC reservation patron and log files - Joseph Abraham

Joseph Abraham reported on purging patron and log files for public computers. The patron records must be purged because there are now 5 years of data stored. There are two sets of data that need to be purged: 1) public patron user logs and 2) computer usage logs. There are some public services concerns with the purging all the patron records since the patrons who have active accounts would need to recreate their accounts repeatedly depending on the timeframe chosen.

Joe offered suggestions for the time frames of when to purge the records and would like have a policy decision from USC.

Some suggestions are: purging the 5 years of data all at once, purging patrons accounts that have not been used for 1 year or more, space out a monthly purge of accounts 1 year or older to allow for patron questions.

Going forward some options to reduce the issue with purging the Personal Identifiably Information for PC Reservation were discussed a username tied to a name can have a 2 hour limit; a username NOT tied to a name can have a 1 hour time limit. Also, research stations limited to catalog searching can be set up. Of the 12 public machines - we could have 2 machines for Catalog Only access, 6 'Quick Access' machines and 4 machines for PC Reservation.

Melissa Just will be speaking with OIT to partner with them as far as taking over the PCs in the libraries.

A question was raised regarding law enforcement issues and Joe assured the group that they have methods to track IP and resolve server pages so purging patron files would not interfere with their ability to track down a user if necessary.

There was a brief discussion on why the patron and log files needed to be purged. Tibor Purger noted that there were 3 basic issues: 1) the logs need to be purged for privacy reasons, 2) multiple logins for patrons need to be cleaned up, and 3) the storage of the files could be indefinite so it should be cleaned up periodically. To that end, the purging of log files is necessary 1) to conform with Jeanne Boyle's request 2) to conform to best practices and 3) to conform with privacy concerns. Another suggestion is to create a script to keep account information for a particular time frame and then purge.

USC decided to work on modifying the policy. We will wait 1 year to notify users of the new policy: if the account is not used within a year, the account will be deleted. Signs will be posted with wording focused on 'increasing privacy protection' and a suggestion for a click through notice on the machine was made.

Tibor Purger will work with the PC Working Group and IIS to revise the policy and implement a solution for purging records. Bobbie Tipton with work on a draft policy and bring it to USC for discussion. Once USC approves it, Melissa Just who will bring it to Cabinet.

As far as the computer logs: USC agreed for them to be wiped nightly when the Library is closed.

5) Selection of USC Co-chairs for 2014-2015 - K. Anderson

Bobbie Tipton will remain as co-chair for 2014-2015

Everyone genuinely thanked Katie Anderson for tremendous job during her term as co-chair.

Yu-Hung Lin was nominated by Tibor Purger and he accepted to be co-chair for the 2014-2015 term.

6) Discussion of Goals - Old and New - K. Anderson, B. Tipton

Objective 2.A -- Activity: Citation Tools (Completed)

Discussion of future goal: OIRT's decision to replace RefWorks with Flow has not been finalized and is an ongoing issue, but not a USC goal. USC will be monitoring Mendeley and other citation tools on a regular basis.So no new goal was defined for this activity for the 2014-2015 term.

Objective 2.B -- Activity: Streaming Media (Ongoing)

Jane Sloan announced that the SWANK video service will be offered. This is very specialized and will be on Jane's LibGuide. Jane is also planning a Selectors/Liaison Lunchtime event for the Fall [October 16, 12:30-2:00]. It will be an informational/educational session on streaming media. It was noted that we have the technological platforms for streaming media such as the WOWZA server and NJVID but we need to make the content more accessible. The USC goal for 2014/2015 will be to recharge and reinvent the Media Team. Currently it is focused on technical service and the new focus will be on access -- how to make media collections more accessible, and how to build collections and access. It should be a Public Services team.
Grace Agnew commented on changing polices and getting away from categories by format-USE makes more sense.
Melissa Just suggested a campaign about media for Selectors to be educated.
USC decided to move the Streaming Media goal from 2.B to 2.C (Objective: Facilitate the Search and Discovery of library collections by providing tools that are accessible, easy to use, and user-centered.)
Jane Sloan will provide wording for the Media goals (Activity/Outcomes/Indicators).

Objective 2.C -- Activity: Tools for Scholarly Networking (Ongoing)

Bobbie Tipton will talk with Yingting Zhang to present on Altmetrics in the Fall [September 25, 12:00-1:00] Joseph Deodato suggested moving this from 'Search and Discovery'.
Melissa Just suggested a new goal for overarching training and education for Faculty and Staff. Bobbie Tipton will revise the goal.
For the Indicator - 4 Training and Education Sessions can be held: Mendeley (Faculty Networking Software), Media, Altmetrics, and Linked Data. This should be coordinated with SAPAC for the sessions.
Grace Agnew also suggested researching who at Rutgers is using what scholarly resources (although it's a separate issue)

Objective 2.C -- Activity: Contextual Help (Ongoing)

Joseph Deodato worked with Jill Nathanson and others to include contextual help in eCollege (Course Management Software). 1) eCollege is most willing to work together with Rutgers 2) Piloting 'Curriculum Bulider' a tool where Course Reading lists would be available through Articles+

There was a discussion of the Course Management Systems - Bonnie Fong will work with Mei Ling Lo on adding components in all CMS products. Currently, BlackBoard, Sakai, eCollege and Moodle are all being used.

For the USC Goal - a formalized group will be formed to coordinate Course Management Tools and activities. USC will designate experts and identify who is working on the tools. One of the outcomes will be supporting online learning. Potential members of the group include: Joseph Deodato, Jill Nathanson, Mei Ling Lo and Bonnie Fong.

There was a Banner discussion that was deferred (related to RUL branding within vendor databases). In lieu of formalized branding, USC will identify databases and vendors where branding of Rutgers University Libraries is missing and let DTS know to investigate.

The rest of the goals discussion was tabled until the next meeting to address the rest of the agenda items.

7) VuFind Implementation - G. Agnew, J. Deodato

Joseph Deodato distributed copies of the VuFind Implementation Plan (see full document on Sakai site) and reviewed the major Phases.

Phase I: Create VuFind testbed
Phase II: Replace SIRSI public catalog with VuFind by April 2015
Phase III: Integrate VuFind with web-scale discovery - the tabs will be replaced with a single search box, a 'bento box' results set will display- Articles+, LibGuides, Webpages and RU-Core will be indexd

By July 2015 Rutgers will move to the VALID shared catalog
The goal is for OLE to be implemented by July 1, 2017.
There was a discussion of the features of the product, no major issues are anticipated.
USC agrees that VuFind should move forward, Bobbie Tipton with write up a goal.

8) HathiTrust - M. Just

Melissa Just will convene a team to report findings to USC. It will gather use cases to highlight how HathiTrust records can be incorporated in the catalog. The ILL aspect needs to be investigated. We need a Public Services piece for HathiTrust. The deadline is Fall, but authentication is an issue. We also need to understand the interaction with EDS (EBSCO Discovery Service [Articles+]). USC agreed to have this group report to USC. Melissa will send out a message and task the group with a charge.

Grace Agnew is talking with OIT and HathiTrust on Shibboleth Authentication issues. The IIS staff needs to work with technical stakeholders to resolve the connection issues between HathiTrust and Shibboleth.

Marianne Gaunt will also reach out to HathiTrust.

Tibor Purger commented that Shibboleth is used in NJVID but there are not many users.

9) Announcements - ALL

Tibor Purger announced the Public Machines will be updated with Windows 7. Updates will be able to be pushed out throughout the year.

10) Review - B. Tipton

11) Meeting adjourned 12:05pm.

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