Minutes of October 23, 2014 Meeting

Stephanie Bartz, Natalie Borisovets (recorder), Janet Croft, Joseph Deodato, Bonnie Fong (remote), Rebecca Gardner, Tom Glynn, Melissa Just, Yu-Hung Lin (co-chair), Christine Lutz, Cathy Pecoraro, Tibor Purger, Jane Sloan, Elizabeth Surles, Roberta Tipton (co-chair), Zara Wilkinson (remote).

1. Approval of the Agenda

The agenda was approved.

2. Approval of Minutes

Minutes were approved on Sakai.

3. Welcome Myanmar Librarians (Hlaing Hlaing Gyi and Yin Win Htike)

We were happy to introduce ourselves to our visitors from Myanmar.

4. UpToDate-K. O'Rourke (5 minutes)

K O'Rourke gave background on the medical software package, UpToDate. UpToDate is a clinical decision support tool that offers treatment recommendations. While the medical schools do not currently have access to this service, Rutgers Health Services has access for their clinicians. There was a breach and some students were gaining access. At the moment that issue seems to be resolved. There have been some discussion of getting an umbrella license, but the service is extraordinarily expensive, and at the moment Rutgers cannot afford to subscribe. We should remind the AAL/Chat Librarians that there is no access to UpToDate.

5. EDS Research/Evaluation-J. Deodato (45 minutes)

J Deodato reported on a usability study conducted over the summer on Articles+. The study was done in collaboration with the Ebsco User Services department. The goal was to identify issues impacting the user experience and to recommend strategies for improvement.

Twelve volunteers (7 undergraduates, 3 graduate students, and 2 faculty members) were presented with five scenarios designed to reflect Core User Needs (Find/Identify/Select/Obtain/Use).

Some issues:

The biggest criticism the group had with Articles+:

Most users relied on natural language or keyword searching more often than on Boolean or field searching. Ebsco recommended changing the default to keyword. (The current "phrase" default is actually a proximity operator that searches within 5 words.) An alternative would be to improve user education. No final decision on this one; it's something that warrants further testing.


Most users ignored the widgets on the right-hand panel (federated search; research guides).
Recommendation: Remove the right panel and replace it with database recommendations.

Users had difficulty searching for known items. This is something that Ebsco needs to work on.

Users had difficulty interpreting terms like "journal" or "peer-reviewed."
Recommendation: Develop consistent labels.

Most users don't navigate past the first page of results.
Recommendation: Improve relevancy rankings or implement continuous scroll.

Users couldn't always distinguish between different content formats.
Recommendation: Improve icons and item displays.

Users didn't always notice when error messages were being displayed.
Recommendation: Make error messages more prominent.

6. Status Update on RUL Wikipedia Project-Y. Lin (10 minutes)

Y Lin talked about some of the purposes and intermediate results of the RUL Wikipedia Project. Students continue to use Wikipedia as their entry point to research despite warnings from librarians and faculty. The Wikipedia Project is designed to write and edit Wikipedia entries to make them function as an adequate gateway to legitimate scholarly sources and substantive non-scholarly materials. References would be able to point to our e-resources.

Among the possible entries for which Rutgers would provide content: "Women in Jazz;" "Newark Jazz History;" "The New Jersey Digital Highway;" "Immigration;" "Seabrook Farms;" and "Cultural Competency in Health Care." The Cultural Competency entry was published on August 6th, and already had some 800 hits.

In the next stage, we're looking to do a survey which would answer questions such as:

7. Update on the continuing saga of HathiTrust access-M. Just

There was a misunderstanding as to the HathiTrust "test" phase. We were not expected to test anything; they were testing our Shibboleth connection. We should be moving into the production phase soon.

Melissa will be sending out a list of those who are on the HathiTrust Task Force.

8. AUL & IIS Director Reports-M. Just, T. Purger (20 minutes)

Purger: The mobile version of "My Library Account" will be available on November 3rd.

9. Announcements and Committee Updates - All

Deodato: We're going to wait until Fall to migrate to Libguides 2.

Deodato: EasyBib has contacted him about EasyBib and Research Ready, which is an online information literacy platform. ICOP will take a look at the latter.

Tipton: ICOP will be meeting in early November to discuss the new thresholds.

Tipton: Two of our four workshops for the year have been presented: Altmetrics with Yingting Zhang and the Media Team with Jane Sloan. In the New Year we will have Linked Data with Grace Agnew (January 22, snow date March 20) and Scholarly Networks with Bonnie Fong, Laura Mullen, Minglu Wang, and Ann Watkins.

10. Review and Future Agenda Items-- All (10 minutes)

We will work on the new charge for the Media Team at the next meeting, which will be on Friday, November 21st.


The meeting was adjourned at 12:30.

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