Minutes of August 27, 2015 Meeting

Grace Agnew, Stephanie Bartz, Natalie Borisovets, Leslin Charles, Janet Croft, Joseph Deodato, Roberta Fitzpatrick, Rebecca Gardner (co-chair), Francesca Giannetti, Melissa Just, Yu-Hung Lin (co-chair), Mei Ling Lo, Christine Lutz, Aletia Morgan, Kerry O'Rourke, Cathy Pecoraro (recorder), Tibor Purger, Elizabeth Surles

1. Approval of the Agenda

The agenda was approved as distributed.

2. Approval of Minutes

The minutes for July were approved through Sakai. There will no longer be voting for minutes, the draft minutes will be sent out for review and will be posted after corrections are made.

3. Systemwide Public Services Priorities & SWOT Discussion

RIS Priorities discussion:
M. Just asked USC, Access Services Committee and the Directors for feedback via email on the RIS Priorities and SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) analysis. K. Maloney assigned each AUL and director to complete this exercise for their units. USC's discussion will help frame that document for RIS.

M. Just began the discussion with the goal to identify common issues and the top 5 priorities to bring to Cabinet; some key points and discussion included:

#1 [Priority] -Reimagining ILL/Doc Delivery (J. Brennan Croft and G. Smulewitz are currently investigating)

#2 -Holistic and systematic evaluation of library facilities and spaces with a user-centered focus; M. Just noted they were close to doing a libraries master space plan.

#3 -Develop a long range technology plan for public facing machines

#4 -Strengthen information literacy instruction

#5 -A focus on the user experience:

We should include the importance of copyright issues, especially in Digital collections.

SWOT Discussions

M. Just explained more about SWOT analysis -- Strengths and Weaknesses are internal to our organization (RIS or RUL). What are our most positive and negative attributes? Opportunities and Threats are external to RIS or RUL. What outside forces might be most helpful (Opportunities) or harmful (threats) to us? Need no more than 10 points for each item; some things show up as a strength and a weakness. M. Just will re-work lists to limit to 10 with some changes including the following:

M. Just thanked everyone for their comments and noted she will compile the comments and bring feedback to USC after the Cabinet meeting

4. Discuss Annual Goals

The Council agreed to table most of the discussions of Annual Goals until the top 5 priorities are set. However, M. Just noted that there is a mandatory goal from an external mandate (OIT) to switch our existing Ask-A-Librarian (AAL) platform to be more in-line with OIT's authentication system. One possibility is Springshare. A Task Force will be formed to evaluate AAL options. N. Borisovets, J. Deodato, and S. Bartz volunteered to serve. K. O'Rourke will identify someone to represent RBHS. It was recommended that B. Lipinski and S. McDonald also be invited to join the group.

5. Access Services & IIS Director Reports

J. Croft:

T. Purger:

6. AUL Reports

M. Just:

G. Agnew:

7. Announcements & Committee Updates

A. Morgan: (CSC) reported that CSC is meeting with Tao regarding SWOT analysis; this is an internal discussion

Y. Lin: There is no reason to vote on Minutes; the Minutes will be shared no later than 2 weeks after the meeting and there will be one (1) week to submit comments/corrections before the final version is posted

8. Review and Future Agenda Items

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