Minutes of September 17, 2015 Meeting

Grace Agnew, Stephanie Bartz, Natalie Borisovets (Recorder), Janet Croft, Roberta Fitzpatrick, Rebecca Gardner (co-chair), Francesca Giannetti, Melissa Gasparotto, Melissa Just, Yu-Hung Lin (co-chair), Mei Ling Lo, Christine Lutz, Aletia Morgan, Kerry O'Rourke, Cathy Pecoraro, Tibor Purger, Elizabeth Surles, Zara Wilkinson

1. Approval of the Agenda

The agenda was approved as distributed.

2. Charge to AAL Platform Task Force - M. Just

As the current Ask a Librarian email management system is not CAS compliant it must be replaced for security reasons. A task force is being charged with recommending a new system.

Discussion: RefChatter, our current chat system, is also not CAS compliant. Should we look at simultaneously selecting a new chat platform as well?
Decision: Focus on email system for now, which may also mean adopting a system that handles both email and chat. Appoint another task force to consider how our chat system fits within the current infrastructure. May need to consider commercial systems that are context sensitive and push themselves at users.

Approved Charge: The Ask a Librarian Platform Task Force is charged with identifying potential replacement systems for asynchronous help. The task force should develop a list of requirements for the system, evaluate the possible tools against the requirements, and make a recommendation for the replacement system to USC by December 31, 2015.

3. WorldCat - C. Lutz

Since the cancellation of the OCLC FirstSearch WorldCat, Rutgers user access is through the public version of WorldCat. Because we cancelled the FirstSearch version, Rutgers holdings are no longer visible in the public WorldCat. This is an issue for Special Collections. WorldCat is a recognized standard resource for identifying archival collections. Except for the manuscript collections, researchers can no longer use WorldCat to find special collections within SC/UA, or other unique items owned by the Rutgers Libraries. In addition to impacting researchers, the lack of Rutgers holdings is actually affecting prices for certain materials as dealers assume that those items are rarer than they actually are.

Other serious user issues have also been reported; interlibrary loan of items found in the public version of WorldCat is a multi-step, much more cumbersome process. Melissa Gasparotto has compiled a list of issues that she can share at the next meeting; others can add to the list. USC may then bring the discussion to LRC.

4. Event Assessment Status Report - R. Fitzpatrick

Members of the Task Force are going to various constituent groups to get more feedback on events assessment. They plan to report to USC in October.

5. Access Services Report - J. Croft

  1. Math/Physics Library
    • The first batch of remediated Physics items (mold) came back sooner than expected and was sent to the Annex. The Math Library is now ready to receive them.
    • While the Annex can accommodate what has to be moved out of the Math Library, they are pretty much out of room for books.
  2. SMLR renovation is complete
  3. EOF Textbooks
    • Summer project at Kilmer worked out well; learned from the summer so that Fall went much more smoothly.
    • The fact that these students are now familiar with the Kilmer Library has proven to be a beneficial side effect.
  4. Text messaging is going well.
  5. A system has been put into place for granting privileges for groups such as volunteer faculty and preceptors.
  6. Janet has prepared a policy for posting flyers and brochures in the Libraries. This will be posted in Sakai and voted on at the next USC meeting.
  7. The Access Services Committee is changing its meeting schedule. The full committee will meet quarterly; in between Janet will meet with the coordinators of the functional groups.
  8. A group is working on developing online maps of stack areas that could be added to our web site.
  9. Dana is beginning an iPad lending program.
  10. Douglass has a mold problem-about 2000 items in the Performing Arts collection have been affected.

5b. IIS Report - T. Purger

  1. The VuFind Implementation Team is continuing to work on fixing issues that have been identified. The list continues to grow; they will be reprioritizing it this afternoon (9/17).
  2. New Brunswick has received recycled computers from Camden:
    • 5 will be used for spare parts
    • 31 will replace the PCs in the Kilmer alcove
    • 4 are going to LSM

6. AUL Reports

Agnew: No report.


  1. Giddings Collection
    Rutgers received the Giddings media collection of underwater footage a year ago. It has been decided that the materials and services will be housed in Alexander, in the old Imaging Services space.
    Has been shared with Cabinet. Cabinet has been discussing SWOT results over the past two meetings; they have not yet dealt with RIS.

7. Updates

  1. Room Reservation Task Force (Lo). Lo is meeting with Access Services supervisors individually to talk about their needs and issues. They are currently considering LibCal (Springshare) as the reservation system. However they are also taking a second look at EMS, which no longer seems to require mediation.
  2. Digital Humanities Lab (Giannetti). The formal opening reception is scheduled for October 29th.
  3. Open Access Symposium (Morgan). A two-day symposium aimed at the medical researcher will be held on October 20-21.
  4. Research Data Exploratory Team (Just). The charge and membership have been finalized. The team will be developing the procedures for receiving data that our users would like us to manage.

8. Future Agenda Items

October agenda:

  1. Report from the Room Reservation Task Force
  2. Report from the Ask a Librarian Task Force.
  3. Report from the Event Assessment Task Force.
  4. Melissa Gasparotto will share her notes on WorldCat issues for discussion and augmentation.
  5. Discussion of who is responsible for updating what user services content on our web pages. Sam McDonald has a list of "unknown ownership" pages.
  6. Discussion of a draft charge for the Chat Platform Task Force (Just will develop).

9/17/2015 nxbx

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