Minutes of February 17, 2016 Meeting

Stephanie Bartz, Natalie Borisovets, Leslin Charles, Janet Croft, Joseph Deodato (recorder), Robert Bronson Fitzpatrick, Rebecca Gardner (co-chair), Yu-Hung Lin (co-chair), Mei Ling Lo, Christine Lutz, Aletia Morgan, Kerry O'Rourke, Cathy Pecoraro, Jessica Pellien (guest), Tibor Purger, Elizabeth Surles, Krista White (guest), Zara Wilkinson

1. Introduction of Jessica Pellien

Lin introduced Jessica Pellien, RUL's new Director of Communications. Pellien discussed plans to improve the Libraries' internal and external communications. Recent efforts include the distribution of cards introducing new staff, system-wide email updates, and the development of a monthly newsletter. Pellien encouraged all librarians to send her information about upcoming programs and events as well as their own scholarship so that she can make these activities more visible to the wider university community.

2. Media Team Report

White distributed a report of the activities of the newly reconfigured Media Team, which included drafting a list of core responsibilities related to media, investigating new content delivery platforms, and providing education to selectors and end users of the Libraries' media collections. The media team viewed a demo of Kanopy, which offered useful features such as collection usage reports and a PDA purchasing model. Although media is broad area with many different facets, the Team recommends that RUL maintain a faculty line dedicated to addressing current and future media needs.

3. IIS Director Report

Purger announced that certain library applications will be unavailable from 6am-9am on February 18th due to scheduled server maintenance. Details on the downtime are available on the Libraries' website. A schedule was distributed detailing which library applications were being converted to CAS authentication and when. Plans to convert the library catalog may possibly be delayed due to a problem that was recently uncovered with SIRSI's authentication module. IIS deployed several kiosks and computers for this week's launch of the LibQUAL survey. It was noted that problems related to the kiosks could have possibly been avoided if IIS was involved earlier in the planning.

4. LibCal Update

Lo provided an update on RUL's new online booking system for group study rooms. The service launched on January 12th and is offered at Alexander, Chang, Dana, Douglass, Kilmer, and LSM. Statistics suggest that the service is heavily used, particularly at LSM and Kilmer where group study space appears to be in high demand. Next steps include revising policies to limit abuse, implementing CAS login, and getting feedback from users.

5. RefWorks 3 Discussion

Deodato reported that ProQuest is merging RefWorks and Flow into a single platform called "the new RefWorks." Flow users have been automatically migrated to the new platform (which is essentially Flow rebranded). RefWorks users can currently choose when they want to migrate by clicking an upgrade link in their account. The old platform isn't scheduled to be retired until January 2018, but subscribing institutions can choose to migrate their users sooner by selecting a cutoff date. Any users who login after that date will be forced to migrate to the new platform. Although OIRT is responsible for managing the university's RefWorks license, they have left the decision of choosing the migration date to the Libraries. Deodato offered several points to consider in choosing a date. On one hand, we don't want to force users to migrate mid semester or before the platform has had a chance to fully mature. On the other, we don't want to be stuck in the confusing position of promoting and supporting two different products called "RefWorks". Ultimately, the council decided to defer the decision until later this year when the new platform is supposed to reach full parity with the old.

6. Access Services Report

Croft reported that Access Services is currently reviewing library policies regarding emergency closures. In the wake of challenges faced during the recent snow storm, the Libraries are investigating what resources are needed to maintain services during inclement weather. The Reserves Group is looking into problems related to course reserves, including the accessibility of scanned documents, the impact of scanning versus permalinking on resource usage statistics, and issues related to copyright and restricted access. The group is planning a preliminary discussion meeting and encourages anyone with an interest in reserves to attend.

7. Announcements and Committee Updates

Gardner announced that the eBook Task Force, charged with evaluating the two major ebook delivery platforms, is scheduled to release its final report on March 15th. The Task Force's recommendation will be based on the data collected from vendor presentations, product trials, feedback from selectors and others, a faculty survey, and a survey of CIC peer institutions.

Pecoraro announced that RUL will be implementing EBSCO's Full Text Finder later this month. Full Text Finder is a new product designed to replace our existing EBSCO AtoZ and LinkSource services, which are being phased out.

8. Future Agenda Items

Future agenda items will include reports on the Digital Humanities Lab by Francesca Giannetti and the Research Data Exploratory Team by Aletia Morgan.

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