Minutes of November 18, 2016 Meeting

Stephanie Bartz, Janet Croft, Joseph Deodato, Melissa Gasparotto (Chair), Melissa Just, Mei Ling Lo, Rhonda Marker (guest), John Maxymuk, Jane Otto (guest) , Cathy Pecoraro, Roberta Tipton
  1. Approval of the Agenda-All
  2. Report on the Shared User Services Unit -- R. Marker (40 min)
  3. Report of the Discovery Team -- J. Deodato (25 min)
  4. Access Services Report -- J. Croft
  5. Administrative Reports-M. Just (15 min)
  6. Announcements-All
  7. Review and Future Agenda Items-All

1. Approval of the agenda

The agenda was amended to include Access Services Report and change the name of AUL Reports to Administrative Reports.

2. Report on the Shared User Services unit -- R. Marker

Marker began by noting that the context of how and why SUS came to be are reflected in Maloney's column in The Agenda and the RUL_everyone email dated 9/12/16. RCM structure was a major factor. LibQUAL survey results also showed we needed to improve information control. A separate unit to be part of central university funding was perceived as necessary, and this unit dovetails with some of our services that need help right now.

Responsibilities of the new unit include:
Shared parts of reference -- AAL, chat reference

Website -- Marker is working on a position description for a web services librarian. This is the first time RUL will have a person who is responsible for the website. In the past this has been distributed in terms of authority and responsibility.

Digital projects -- The existing process of formally making an application, through a multipart form with lots of signatures, has been informally dropped. Proposing digital projects now comes through directors. SUS will have conversations with the directors and other involved parties. People who need digitization now have the support of the director who can advocate for them with the SUS regarding process and resources, etc. There have been some instances of this process already and it's brought clarity to the projects, and has been a smoother process because of the larger context. The project proposal form is still up because it asks questions that are important for people to think about, including technical issues, rights, impact, etc.

SUS staffing:
The unit is built on SCC staff. Rhonda Marker, Ron Jantz, Linda Langshied, Isaiah Beard, Peter Konin (digital projects coordinator and works with ETD cataloging), Marty Barnett, Joseph Deodato, the new Web Services position as well as a new shared reference services position, plus one additional shared reference services FTE which may consist of multiple PT positions.

Marker also noted that SUS is currently working with IIS to implement a new calendaring system. She announced that there will be a poster presentation about ETDs at State of the Libraries.

In the follow up conversation, questions arose over what issues might remain within the purview of USC now that shared reference services and website are now part of SUS. Additional questions noted the importance of USC as a central communication forum about many of the issues faced by public and technical services, and it was agreed that new lines of communication must be formed between USC and SUS, and that these would need to be revisited after the RULF faculty groups reorganization was completed. Many noted that although USC cannot continue exactly in its current form, it cannot be entirely replaced by faculty groups, as they are not operational bodies.

The question of how to draw the line at Shared User Services given the number of day to day activities affected by these issues was discussed. Marker suggested a solution may be to keep as many things local as possible, in order to privilege the tailored over the generic. There will be duplicate services, but these are not shared. If a service cannot be split among campuses, then it's shared (for example AAL) but there is always going to be some blurriness at the beginning of this transition. Public services librarians on all campuses will be individually participating in AAL, but coordination will be done by SUS and supported by central. We will need to rethink the tools of communication we use.

3. Report from the Discovery Team -- J. Deodato

Joseph Deodato reported on the process of the Discovery Team and work completed to date. Minutes of the group's meeting may be found on the Staff pages and information from Deodato's report is contained in the handout here: https://sakai.rutgers.edu/access/content/group/47b3dd8d-19c1-4f40-a0c8-dc9d0f575fea/AGENDAS/Documents%20for%202016-2017/November%2018%2C%202016/DWG%20Progress%20Report%20Nov2016.pdf At the next team meeting, members will be working with invited experts from around RUL to discuss changes to the link resolver.

4. Access Services Report -- J. Croft

5. Administrative Report -- M. Just

6. Announcements -- All

7. Future Meetings

USC will meet on January 26. The December meeting is cancelled due to the holidays.

URL: http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/staff/groups/usr/minutes/usrmin_16_11_18.shtml
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