Minutes of October 11, 2000 Meeting

A. Progress Reports:

Design Group

Immediate Things
Indexes/Db's in process or coming:

Research Guides Group

B. Instruction Liaison report

C. Search Engine

Placement on web pages:

D. Phase II Survey--Pilot Results

Reviewed the reports(findings) and flowchart. There was a discussion about the non-cliackability of the descriptive bulllets on the front page. Au had a good idea about making them clickable to that categories page using Cascading Style sheets to hide the default link underlining. To be implemented. Other observations are in the findings, but two other things that need to be considered is the Section heading 'Indexes' (students don't understand) and that the Indexes section 'Multidisciplinary' does not seem to also convey 'General' to students

E. WAC SNACK - enjoyed by all

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