Minutes of March 17, 2003 Meeting

Ka-Neng Au (chair), Stephanie Bartz, Jeanne Boyle (recorder), Rebecca Gardner, Harry Glazer, Sara Harrington, Theo Haynes, Dave Hoover, Susan Lyons, Sam McDonald, Leslie Murtha, Bob Nahory, Karen Wenk
Vibiana Bowman

Au welcomed Bob Nahory as a new WAC member and Susan Lyons from the Newark Law Library as a guest.

Sam McDonald reported that the design group is working on the reordering of the user services section of the website. The content management system action team (CAT) has selected EZ Publish. He suggested a work plan as follows: medium-sized redesign tweak of the website at the beginning of the summer, more changes for the beginning of the fall semester, and work on the CMS to begin thereafter. Interviews for the programming support person will begin the week of March 28. Dave Hoover, Judy Gardner, Ann Montanaro, and Sam are the recruitment committee.

Dave Hoover reported that Gale Contemporary Authors from VALE is in the works. Cathy Pecoraro now has access to the VPN and can test access problems. The route for AAL questions is under discussion. He noted that the libraries advocate use of the proxy server rather than the VPN for off campus access because the VPN does not enable the proper class of users. He also noted that he reads AAL and does not need questions forwarded to him. He normally is involved at the second level of respionse after AAL has verified tha the user has followed the proper directions. RUCS otified systems March 13 that a library machine was on the top talkers list. He attributed this to one active user and the proxy. This may mean that the library gateway is saturated and a building upgrade required.

Theo Haynes reported that the content group now has good lists of index and database descriptions and research guides with dates and authors and is following up on those that are outdated or have other problems. She reviewed the status of various index descriptions and research guides, and committee members provided updates for items on which they are working. Details are available on the staff pages following the path: public services/committees and task forces/web advisory committee/reports. Representatives from Alexander, Kilmer, and Dana Libraries were asked to inquire about collection descriptions. It was noted that AIDSLINE has been removed, and netLibrary will be added to the indexes and databases page. New projects generated from public services council are the re-location of the links for e-journals, e-books, and other library catalogs and a faculty services section. PS Council needs to provide more information for the latter.

Harry Glazer joined the meeting for a discussion about using the Libraries’ website for effective public relations. He shared samples of other university and university library news presentations. It was noted that the upper right hand corner of the top page of the Libraries’ website was intended for special announcements. It was decided that, for the next eight weeks, the upper right hand corner would be used for news and other newsworthy items for brief one-time presentation. Harry will select the items and work with Sam on the design, which the design group will review before it is made live. It was also agreed that the overall way we are presenting our news – on the top page as well as the news page – should be reconsidered for the fall redesign roll out. Au and Jeanne will meet to consider how best to present the university copyright policy materials that we are being asked to host.

During this discussion it was suggested that the small tweak of the website for the beginning of the summer be skipped. All changes could be made in just one larger change for the fall semester.

Liaison Reports:

Camden – Theo reported on focus groups of high school seniors reviewing the Camden website

Councils – Jeanne reported on Au’s presentation and discussion with public services council. Five action items are being worked on, and Au will compose a response.

Instruction – Leslie reported on coming workshop and needs assessment research.

IPAC – Jeanne reported on desire for IRIS search box on top page with options for advanced search, reserve desk, and self services links.

Newark – Bob Nahory reported on the need for digital jazz for preservation and access; work on jazz greats, institute, and media center Web pages; funding received for digitizing audio interviews with jazz greats; digital instructional experiences that are humanized, meeting with New Brunswick staff to discuss audio.

Newark Law – Susan Lyons reported that a redesign of Library website will probably take place this summer; they now have their website on their own server; digitization projects are underway for the New Jersey Administrative Reports, some executive orders, and other materials not readily available; their catalog will be Z39.50 enabled by the fall.

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Jeanne Boyle

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