Minutes of September 13, 2004 Meeting

Ka-Neng Au (Chair); Vibiana Bowman (Teleconferencing from Camden - Recorder); Stephanie Bartz; Rebecca Gardner; Karen Hartman; Sam McDonald; Robert Nahory; Karen Wenk

Meeting called to order at 9:30 AM.

WAC - D Report

Sam McDonald reporting: WAC-D is awaiting Usability Report; The RUL Communications Report was positive about the web pages. Changes will be made to front page graphics to accommodate high resolution browsers; Sam will be taking off the pull-down options for selecting 'Desk' for Reserves on the front page. Imaging/copyright services links made more prominent.

Webmaster Report

WAC "Web team" (Sam, Dave, Shawn) has a number of projects for the Fall. These include: SAILS; Searchpath; RUL scheduler; IRIS redirect for the Quick Search feature on the library front page - this is to correct a problem with Netscape 4; MyRutgers - Quick Search feature needs to be adjusted for older browsers as well; Sam is also considering a counter that will track where the user is using IRIS from (e.g. Quick Search feature on the Business Guide; Quick Search feature on the home page); Request for Instruction Form also need to be updated and refined.

Sam reported that RUL has access to seven channels to use within MyRutgers portal. Sam stated that the RUL is promised a tab within the Portal.


Au reported that 3 new Research Guides have been completed: Social Work; Dissertations; Geography. Guides go to WAC-C for vetting and then to the Webmaster. Au noted that WAC will need to make sure that new guides need to be standardized in format (names of libraries; use of capitalization; formatting for titles; etc.) WAC will need to formalize these conventions and eventually retrofit them to the older guides.

There was a brief discussion for Jersey Clicks from the New Jersey State Library. It is not officially on the WAC "to do" list but will be an action item as soon as it is approved by RUL.

There was a discussion about instructions for "Remote Access" directions. Users are experiencing some problems with walking through the process. Vib suggested that WAC consider the Flash tutorial developed at Camden. Vib will send URL to WAC for review and discussion.

"Ask a Librarian" has a link for general information about RU. This page was created and maintained by WAC. "RU Info" created and maintained by RU serves the same function. Committee decided to remove the current page.

Au raised a question about establishing a procedure for identifying pages that have not been updated recently and removing them as links from the Resource Guides. WAC-C will look at maintenance criteria for updating Research Guides.

Liaison Reports

Stephanie Bartz reporting for IPAC: There is a bug with the Quick Search feature on the library home page for the Advance Search feature. Au noted that in the Spring semester that RUL is switching to I-Link. Announcement was made at Technical Services Council.

Rebecca Gardner reporting for ISC: SearchPath (a set of Information Literacy tutorials) will be up and running around Thanksgiving.

Karen Hartman reporting for Web Usability Study: Karen highlighted some of the findings. Search Guides are note used frequently. Alexander Library reference hours are hard to find. Reserve Desk info was easily found. Problems connecting from home and where to go to library help after hours were listed by students as a concern. Other student concerns - language on the pages and the desire for a Google style search box for the library web site. Karen noted that these findings relate to the old version of the RUL web site and that many of these concerns are addressed by the web site redesign. There was a brief discussion about the best way to display information about Reference Desk hours for the RU Libraries. It was decided to make the link more prominent.

WAC will do a second round of the Usability Hours this semester to compare the results.

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