Minutes of December 12, 2005 Meeting

Au (recorder), Bartz, Bowman, R.Gardner, Hartman, Haynes, Hoover, McDonald, Mullen.
Nahory, Wenk.

1) Completed Business

Google Search is functioning better than HTDig. "About the Libraries" pages were reorganized. New databases introduced in the past month were Food Science and Technology Abstracts and AnthroSource.

2) How do I ... Buy a Copy Card?

New page was reviewed and will go live later today. This choice will be placed on the "How do I ..." page between "... request materials from another RU library?" and "... set up a deposit account?"

3) My Account

Following a request from the Access Services Committee, WAC felt that using the top black menu bar for this option would lead to confusion with logging in to the proxy server. Au will communicate with Access Services to consider alternatives.

4) Orphaned Research Guides (Au)

WAC will work with Campus Directors to identify new editors of Guides that no longer have an active editor. Au will draft memo to Cabinet about Research Guides (re: Cabinet minutes from 16 Dec 2003).

5) Indexes and Databases (McDonald)

Previously assigned reviews should be completed for January meeting. New assignments will be distributed then.

6) Online Encyclopedias (Au)

To improve access and visibility of these electronic resources, two links will be added to the list of Indexes and Databases:

Dictionaries - see Electronic Reference Sources: Dictionaries
Encyclopedias - see Electronic Reference Sources: Encyclopedias

New items will be added to the "Electronic Reference Sources" pages but not necessarily to "Indexes and Databases."

7) Staff Pages (Au)

It was noted that both CDC and TSC had initiated efforts to collect and organize content for the Staff Pages. Au will write a note to RUL_Everyone about sending committee and council minutes and reports to McDonald for mounting on the staff pages. WAC members will also remind chairs of committees that they serve on.

8) Webmaster Report (McDonald)

McDonald will check on Google indexing of meta-tags on Staff pages.

9) Systems Report (Hoover)

All CSA ESPM databases should be functioning normally. Gardner will follow-up.

10) Instruction Report (Haynes)

ISC is concentrating on assessing Searchpath.

11) IPAC Report (Bartz)

The test catalog is operational again.

Next WAC meeting: 9 January 2006

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