Minutes of August 7, 2006 Meeting

Au (chair), Gardner (recorder), Hartman, Hoover, McDonald, Mullen, Puniello

The committee welcomed Francoise to the meeting.

WAC is losing a member. The group agreed to Au's suggestion of the addition of a staff member to replace this vacancy.

1. Front Page Graphics

The committee looked at a demo of a new front image. Agreed that there will be a single picture featured where the current collage is now. The image will change every day. Guidelines for the pictures were established. They should reflect diversity, show library faculty and staff interacting with people, show people studying in groups or alone, be colorful, and not appear "outdated", especially in terms of equipment. They should also fill as much white space as possible. Keeping these parameters in mind, the group reviewed a gallery of images currently available and chose 10 to start with. As more pictures become available they will join the rotation.

2. Staff Pages Redesign

Sam created a suite of demo pages for staff information. His goals were to change the colors from the old blue and green to the red that is currently used in the rest of the RUL webpages, and to remove the frames, which would allow pages to print clearly as well as allow a url to appear in the top address bar. The initial staff page will have a section of "Recently Posted Documents" of committee minutes, reports, etc. The links will include the date of posting and remain up for four weeks. It is possible to have a space for announcements as well. There was discussion as to whether or not this would be valuable. Francoise will bring the idea to other committees to try and see whether they think it would be useful. The committee recommended putting "Find People", "Find Committees", "BookRoom", "Search Staff Pages" and "Staff Documents Index" in the black bar at the top of the page. Sam will revise the demo and show us a new mock up. Hopefully we can approve the new design via email before the next WAC meeting. This phase of redesign is not intended to change content or be a major reorganization of the staff pages. There are other committees, such as the Internal Communications Review Task Force, which have been charged to consider other changes in the staff pages.

3. Indexes and Databases

Approximately ten database descriptions were distributed for revision. A question arose as to how to announce the anticipated cancellations of indexes to our users. There is an established procedure outlined here:


A cancellation template, which includes possible alternative sources, must be filled out by the selectors:


These should be posted as soon as the cancellation decisions for particular titles are definite.

4. Planning and Determining Goals for Next Year

Postponed until next meeting due to time restrictions.

5. Webmaster Report

All lingering telnet pages have been removed (the last telnet vendor was removed in June.) Sam changed the term "LinkSource" to "ArticleLinker" wherever it appeared in our webpages. It was noted that the button itself says "Search for Article". Rebecca will work with Sam to make sure this is reflected correctly everywhere.

6. Systems Report

Two local databases, African-American Poetry, and English Poetry, are available in Literature Online (LION). Systems will change the links so that they will point to LION instead of the local url. The index descriptions may need to be tweaked to reflect this change.

7. Instruction Report

No Report.

8. IPAC Report

No Report.

Next meeting: September 11, 2006

Recorder: Hoover

URL: http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/staff/groups/web_advisory/minutes/wacmin_06_08_07.shtml
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