Minutes of November 19, 2007 Meeting

Ka-Neng Au (chair), Stephanie Bartz, Valeda Dent, Rebecca Gardner, Karen Hartman, Theo Haynes, Dave Hoover, Sam McDonald, Bob Nahory (recorder)

1) Virtual Reference (Au)

Consider a chat reference widget for the libraries web site and provide recommendations for placement of this virtual reference service on the web site.

Consider whether instant message box should be on front page: placement on far right, center or left.

Committee suggestions:

The committee agreed that, in black bar, include Ask a Librarian LIVE, where LIVE should appear when he/she is available.

Committee recommendations:

WAC will review the options online during December.

Assessment of library web site (Dent)

Indexes and Databases

It is sometimes difficult to get updates from librarians. Discussion was conducted on approaches to resolve these issues. Sam had already set out a list of library update people on 10/31 and some responses were received afterwards. Sam proposed assignments during the meeting for updates.

Webmaster report (McDonald)

Work is in progress on Drupal (content management system) updates for possible use in future.

System Report (Hoover)


URL: http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/staff/groups/web_advisory/minutes/wacmin_07_11_19.shtml
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