Minutes of August 11, 2008 Meeting

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  1. New Members - Tao Yang (in absentia) and Tom Izbicki were introduced as new members.
  1. World Languages Project - A prototype of links from the library's home page for Chinese, Arabic, French and Spanish was shown. The status of other languages was discussed. The committee decided to put up the available pages but do a formal announcement later. Harry Glazer will be consulted about the wording of the announcement.
  1. Presentation from messageFirst - A representative did a presentation and took questions.
  1. Drupal implementation - Status of the lists by Subject was reviewed. A few problems were noted. One list of pages to be reviewed is still outstanding. We need to replace mention of Netscape with Mozilla. The database pages sometimes need explanatory information on things like Plug-ins, but others do not. Do we need to consider allowing direct access to some databases? The pages go onto the Staging Server on August 19 for expected roll-out on august 26. They will look much the same to users.
  1. Webmaster report - DRUPAL is the main focus of efforts. Some revisions of pages are being done toward fall semester's Instruction needs. The wording "not logged in" vs. "log in" on our pages has not yey been decided.
  1. IPAC report - Item Type changeover is progressing. Screen Captures used on library pages will need to be updated where their information is superseded. Other changes in the FAQ list, especially the change to use of the Book Recall button to request items Pending or In Process , will need to be made. There is a problem in existing IRIS when logged in from Off Campus. It goes back to the Log In page, not to the library's main page.

Tom Izbicki

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