Minutes of June 23, 1999 Meeting

K. Au, J. Boyle, R. Gardner, H. Glazer, T. Haynes, D. Hoover, R.Jantz, S. McDonald
  1. Feedback
    Committee members provided some initial feedback e.g. number of mouse clicks vs scrolling down long pages; misconstruing design elements as links. We need to encourage the RUL community to make the new site their web homepage.
  2. Progress reports
    • Design Group
      The group summarized major changes to the overall look of the site. Some of these were: page width; indexes by subject; scaled-down Digital Library Projects section; new FAQs.
      Some items were identified as priorities for the week of July 12, the public cut-over date.
    • Review Committee
      Changes to the "right side" were sent to S. McDonald for editing;similar changes to the "left side" will be submitted soon.
    • I'Things
      There was a short discussion on the process for putting up new databases. T. Haynes will coordinate input from selectors before informing S. McDonald for link(s) to be made live on the RUL site. D. Hoover will then update the proxy server to accomodate remote access.
  3. Publicity
    The note announcing the new site was sent to a few departmental listservs; more should be contacted, along with the Camden and Newark mail servers and a University-wide newsgroup

    Changes were made to the flyer (from H. Glazer) announcing the new site. It will be sent to Campus Reprographics for duplication and distribution to all administrators and faculty; it should be in their mailboxes the week of July 12. R. Janz will send another e-mail notice to remind RUL community about the cut-over.
  4. Other items
    • The direction that the new design was taking was approved by Cabinet.
    • H. Glazer will meet with J. Boyle regarding the "Friends" section of the new site.
    • S. McDonald will be conducting six workshops to introduce the new site to staff members on all campuses.
    • D. Hoover will run a sanity test of the new site on June 30 (before he goes on vacation) and let us know if there are any problems.
  5. For next meeting (July 21, 9:30am)
    • info on public facilities in unit libraries
    • composition of WAC following resignations
    • publicity for the Fall Roll-out
    • circulation brochures for unit libraries
    • workplan for remaining pages and content

Ka-Neng Au

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