Minutes of March 24, 2011 Meeting

J. Gardner (co-chair), Gwizdka, Ling, McDonald (recorder), Mills, Mullen, Springs, Womack
Anderson, Au, Glazer, Purger, Sterback (late)

1. Approval of the Agenda


2. Approval of the Minutes

Accepted and approved.

3. Teams and Tasks: Updates

Web Developers Report (McDonald, Ling)


On-Going/Starting Projects

CMS Architecture Team (McDonald, Ling)

Next steps:

Drupal site/project notes:

4. Website Redesign Communications Plan (Gardner (for Purger), Ling)

The preliminary development Website Redesign site was shown along with a handout "Redesign Communications Plan" (attached). Ling demonstrated the web site's current sections and features. There was some discussion on this could or should be made restricted. RU-only, just some sections?, put restricted items in Sakai?

Web Board likes and approves the direction of the site and looks forward to using and improving this site/tool.

5. Search Interface (Tabbed Search Box), First Draft (Mullen)

The Search Team met on 3/23 to draft an initial proposal for the layout of the Search tabs. The team drafted their proposal using the following guidelines:

  1. There will be a minimum of four to a maximum of six tabs.
  2. Tabs should be horizontal (not vertical).
  3. Tabs will be defined in ascending order of popular use from left to right
  4. Each tab should have at least one but no more than 5 resources contained within it
  5. Each tab will contain at least one resource to search and not only be a tab containing URLs to other resource targets
  6. Each search will start with a default search type (i.e. keyword, periodical title begins with, etc) appropriate for the resource.
  7. Each tab will contain a button or link that when clicked provides a context sensitive description of the resources selected
  8. The search field will contain a search hint that relates to the resource selected.

Members of the team reviewed an initial draft outline of the tabbed search layout with the Web Board and received good feedback on the progress so far. Some of the feedback pertained to 1) the labeling of the tab groups, 2) the resources included within each group, and 3) the technical feasibility to provide the searches desired. The Search team will begin designing mock ups of the resources contained within each tab, including alternative labeling and organization, for review at the next Web board meeting.

IRIS as name for the Catalog

The consensus is that the IRIS, as a name for the catalog, should be de-emphasized and then phased out, with a clean break to be scheduled someday in the future.

J. Gardner and Mullen, with Purger, will take this to the Councils for approval.

Ryan agreed to research peer institutions and note how they named their catalogs, and how they guided users to their catalogs.

6. Information Architecture: Support Pages Group (McDonald for Au)

McDonald provided a list of pages that should be considered for grouping together, including How Do I pages, FAQ pages and a couple other similar help pages.

Web Board's consensus is that the Information Architecture team should first create a larger structure to charge sub-teams like the "Support Pages Group"

7. Visual Design RFP Draft (J. Gardner for Purger)

Tabled for next meeting. R. Black did submit a proposal which will be discussed at the next meeting.

8. Grassroots Initiatives

Web Board has several topics/requests for grassroots projects.

At the next meeting, Natalie Borisovets will discuss the draft report of the Chat Reference Services Task Force and share their recommendation for the successor to Meebo.

Two other topics that will be scheduled are Libguides with G. Springs (date TBD) and Video Reference from Glynn (date TBD).

9. Current Issues


J. Gardner took Blogs, meaning their direction and need for policies, to the Planning and Coordinating Committee (PlanCo). PlanCo asks for, initially, a private group RUL faculty blog and a public group RUL blog (for both staff and faculty to post to). Regarding policies, Planning and Coordinating Committee discussed whether a blog code of conduct is needed and agreed that conduct is already addressed in existing computer use and professional ethics policies in the Rutgers Policy Library, for example: Section 70.1.1, Acceptable Use Policy for Computing and Information Technology Resources; Section 60.4.2, Code of Ethics for Administrative and Professional Staff Members; and Section 60.5.1, Academic Freedom (includes Statement on Professional Ethics).

Individual blogs as well as other special blogs can exist, upon request, but these are to be deferred until secure NetID logins are available.

10. Adjournment

Next meeting: Thursday, April 7, 2011, 10am-Noon, UL Conference Room, Alexander Library

URL: http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/staff/groups/web_board/minutes/web_board_11_03_24.shtml
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