Minutes of April 21, 2011 Meeting

J. Gardner (co-chair), Ling, McDonald (recorder), Mills, Purger, Springs, Sterback
Mary Fetzer, Tom Glynn, Mei Ling Lo
Anderson, Au, Glazer, Gwizdka, Mullen


  1. Approval of the Agenda
  2. Approval of the Minutes (Meeting 6)
  3. Grassroots initiatives
    1. Instructional videos and other support content (Mei Ling Lo)
  4. Search apparatus (Gardner, Mullen, Sterback)
  5. Information architecture (Womack)
  6. Visual design RFP process (Purger)
  7. Teams and tasks
  8. Current Issues
  9. Adjournment

1. Approval of the Agenda


2. Approval of the Minutes

Accepted and approved.

3. Grassroots

Virtual Reference - Tom Glynn

PCWG, supported by research conducted by Rich Sandler, evaluated various ways of conduct Virtual Reference. The product that is most viable, affordable, simple, and supportable is Adobe Connect Pro which is free to 1-on-on, and for larger groups, RUL has a number of licenses. The primary purpose, which will be how the demonstration ifs conducted, is for 1-on-1 consultation between a librarian and a student or faculty member. This could be an addition to a other online reference services such as Ask a Librarian email and Ask a Librarian Chat. The ability to talk, as if on the phone, with the video(optional), and more importantly to share screens..and control each other's screen, AND have a shared notebook, far surpasses other live reference service of plain chat (which is also available in Adobe Connect). The host (Librarian) can upload and share documents.

This sort of service works best by pre-arranged appointments. A Librarian creates a "room" on Adobe's site. The Librarian can then share a link to that room as arrangements and topics are being prepared for the meeting. At the time of the appointment, the Librarian logs in to their room and the consultee links to the room and is allowed to join, and the consultation begins. A speaker and microform are required; a web-camera can be used but is optional. Co-browsing was demonstrated with Glynn working with Sandler (at a remote location).

Web Board only had 2 questions:

Website support for Distance Education - Mei Ling Lo

To illustrate pages in eCollege and her supporting facts and figures, M.L. Lo used a PowerPoint presentation. She discussed the need of distance education support based on statistics of growth of online courses at RU. She showed how a course for using the Libraries was created in eCollege and then "cloned" in LibGuides. The request to Web Board is that on the website, a section be setup (and considered in the redesign) so that distance education support materials can be easily found and used by students and faculty involved in remote teaching/learning. Some of the things needed by remote students: how to find resources, how to find help. Faculty: copyright help, how to use persistent URL's, how to embed library content into courses. Some Webinars (using Illuminate, available in College) will be created and conducted in the Fall. These Webinars can be recorded and then permanently mounted on the website.

Question: How can Web Board be of assistance to these projects (and also take advantage of their services/content).

Outcomes: Support creating a distance education web presence. Invite J. Nathanson and M.L. Lo to assist in creating the content for this web presence. Provide support programming for JavaScript PURL widget.

4. Search Apparatus - C. Sterback

The team met once since the last Web Board meeting. An initial basic prototype was demonstrated (the tabs work, but the searches don't get submitted). This is just the start of several possibilities that will be presented. The only tab that has received much discussion so far is the "Catalog" tab. The other links/go-to buttons have been removed. The 4 "sub-tabs" in this demo are: Rutgers catalog, Worldcat, EZ-Borrow, and Repository. The next tab to be discussed is the Journals tab. All these early discussions are to generate possibilities of labels, configurations, etc. This is a "dream" phase that isn't concerning itself with possible technical limitations. The Team next meets on Monday, April 25. They will prepare a prototype for the redesign site along with some introductory text. More developed demos will be available in June.

5. Information Architecture - R. Womack

The Team met once since it was charged last meeting. As a team we did a card-sort exercise using the content and services from the mind-map diagrams. We ended up arranging them into various menus/categories. From these categories sketched out an initial crude design, and then enhanced it for two more variant versions. These designs were recorded as hand-drawn images and were shared at the meeting as Xerox copies.

Question: Did we consider new content/service ideas like "top 10 databases." No, we were only considering how the current site content could be re-formulated. We will need to dream a bit and look to the ethnographic study to add in new content features.

6. Visual Design RFP process - T. Purger

A budget has now been made available for hiring a design firm. This budget is for this academic year; however there is a small budget for more design support next year. Due to the amounts that require an RFP and the short time left this years to use a design firm well, we will sub-set task and hire them as we go along. Remaining budget not used for design purposes will go into technical infrastructure. Web Board is pleased to be able to get design support early in the process.

7. Current Issues

Redesign communications

Web Board minutes and agendas are currently not sent to RUL_everyone, but minutes have been posted to the Staff pages.

We have a basic structure for a redesign site, which we need to populate with useful content before this is formally announced. We can put up our Teams and write up their purpose, members, minutes , post prototypes and overview documents etc. The main page will have a timeline that shows a history of meetings and our progress. A grassroots tab will be added to describe the grassroots projects. Ling will migrate some content to start and then create accounts for team leaders to add more and to keep it up to date.

8. Teams and Tasks

9. Adjournment

Next meetings:
May 12, 2011 2pm, UL Conference Room
May 26, 2011 10am, UL Conference Room

URL: http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/staff/groups/web_board/minutes/web_board_11_04_21.shtml
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