Minutes of August 25, 2011 Meeting

Au, Boyle, Deodato, J.Gardner, Ling, McDonald, Sterback
Anderson, Glazer, Koruth, Purger, Springs
Gwizdka, Kesselman, Mullen


  1. Acceptance of Minutes for WB Meeting 11 (done online)
  2. Design update (Purger)
    1. Project Management Plan
  3. Mobile development (Sterback)
    1. Mobile site: m.libraries.rutgers.edu
    2. Mobile app for Rutgers mobile container
  4. Search engine choice (Purger)
  5. Mini projects
    1. NJEDL
    2. China Boom
    3. Scarlet Latte
    4. 9/11
    5. Railroads
    6. Yearbook
    7. Digital Display
  6. Team updates
    1. IA
    2. Help
    3. LibGuides
    4. Governance
    5. Others
  7. Miscellaneous
    1. Redesign Site: Updates/Procedures (Ling)
    2. Teams Update

Due to technical issues, we could not connect to Robeson to include Anderson.

1. Acceptance of Minutes for WB Meeting 11 (done online)

Small typographical fixes made:
In 1.a) 2nd bullet, phrasing changed to: "Currently it is not possible to track exits to third party sites (like the Library catalog)."

2. Design update (Purger, from text)

a. Project Management Plan

Last week we were finally able to pay Roger Black Studios for the first 30 hours of their work. Since they had already worked about 100 hours, they obviously had to suspend working on our project until we figure out how to pay the rest. Currently, we are working with Purchasing to add the RB Studios to the Rutgers Preferred Vendors List, which would make it a lot easier. If that cannot be done, then we'll have a longer process to get their consulting.

For this reason, it is impossible to come up with dates for the project plan. We are working on everything else we can without the design, and when the designers can come aboard, we will generate the PM plan.

3. Mobile development (Sterback)

a. Mobile site: m.libraries.rutgers.edu

b. Mobile app for Rutgers mobile container

Rutgers is developing a central mobile web site and mobile application. Purger represents RUL to the Universitywide and New Brunswick Campus Mobile Websites group. The Libraries need to have a core, initial mobile web site proposal and design (ready for implementation) to presented by Purger at the Mobile Website group in September. The Libraries want to be included from the beginning in RU's mobile website presence.

The Mobile Presence Team will consult with the Library Catalog Committee about what constitutes minimal functionality for the library catalog in its first iteration in the mobile environment, and for feedback for what to add later.

The Mobile Presence Team met and determined that there are 4 areas that are feasible for a working near-future prototype: 1) Hours and directions, 2) Reference, 3) Library Catalog, 4) and maybe Mobile databases. The team is working on this prototype and will look to plan its expansion for both mobile web sites and supporting data feeds to an RU mobile application.

4. Search engine choice (Purger, from text)

SOLR/Lucene is the choice search engine for RUcore and, by extension, it should be indexing the website as well. The RUcore development team is already working on integrating it. The Web board should make a decision to create a new Search Engine Team of its own (names can be added later) that will collaborate with the RUcore team, investigate the possibilities, and - if everything looks good - will start implementing it for the websites as well.

SOLR/Lucene is well-integrated with Drupal, our CMS of choice, just like XC, so this solution will position us best for an Extensible Catalog-based discovery layer and the Open Library System to come.

Sam: Removed results from www.libraries site search from the staff pages. The staff pages are still searchable from a Staff Pages site search. Note that you cannot easily find BookRoom from the site search as those support pages are in the staff directories.

5. Mini projects

a. NJEDL (Ling)

NJEDL was migrated from the SCC froma ColdFusion/Access platform to Drupal in late July. The objects that met repository specs were migrated to RUcore so that Drupal supports the wrapping portal support pages, but the content is sourced from RUcore. Ling did a quick demo.

b. China Boom (McDonald)

The ChinaBoom pages were briefly demonstrated. There are only 2 pages, English and Chinese. The bottom of each page searches RUCore and displays as its results records of video interviews with their associated PDF bios and transcripts. Similar to NJEDL, but since the project will be complete and static after all 100 videos are ingested, and because it only consists of a pair of static pages it is plain HTML (with an RUcore search agent) rather than a Drupal site.

c. Scarlet Latte (Ling)

This is a page that promotes the new cafe and displays basic information about its hours and offerings. Initially it will have information about the grand opening.

d. 9/11 - Rutgers Reflects (Ling)

This project is a Drupal portal backed by RUcore objects. The Drupal site will provide the portal presence for the RUcore portal and also allow sites of interest (but not ingestable by RUcore (due to copyright etc.)) to be listed in a bibliography. The Drupal backing allows for the bibliography to be updated by SCC editors rather than IIS site admins. Also, functionality like contact forms etc. are easily provided by Drupal as needed.

e. Railroads (McDonald)

A physical exhibit, NJ Railroads(?), will be coming in late October. A digital version will be created, like the Milton exhibit, where selected objects/pages are scanned in from the physical exhibit and put into RUcore. A custom exhibit agent creates a portal to source the objects from RUcore. Currently the objects are locally cached (for performance). In the future exhibits using the exhibits agent will be put into Drupal so that exhibit sites will be easy to create and maintain.

f. Yearbook (Ling)

Money have been received by the Libraries from a Alum class to scan in a yearbook and place into the repository. This will be a Drupal project to allow for the future extension of adding many more yearbooks and to allow extended services and features to be developed if required.

g. Digital Display (Ling)

Internet-capable TV's have been procured to be mounted in several locations throughout the Libraries.

These TVs will be set up to display PSAs in picture, text and video form. A Drupal site is being created to allow maintainers to upload, publish/un-publish, re-order/re-arrange, and schedule content from any PC.

The first TV to go live will be in the new cafe.

6. Team updates

a. Information Architecture (McDonald)

The IA team met 3 times since the last Web Board meeting. IA reviewed front page content, links, and other elements as well as the current site map to come up with an initial proposal for Nav-A (document shared in Sakai and as a handout). We also, as a warm-up exercise worked though the elements of a footer taking into consideration history, desires, and university policy. Next week we will work through the other navigation elements.

b. Information Architecture: Help & Instruction (Au)

This team will consider the content that should go under NAV-A "Help." Primarily this will include bringing together help pages like How Do I's and FAQ's into single structure. Help sections will be tagged so they can be linked to/included across the site "in context". The first task is to make a list and to prune/update existing content, then create an outline structure, and work through the format of the content. Other elements of help including tutorials, video, reference etc. will also need to be reviewed for inclusion as an aspect of help.

c. LibGuides (Springs)

No report as Springs was excused. Report for next time.

d. Governance (Sterback)

The Google Analytics group realized that desired outcomes need to be described so that instruments can be designed to measure them. Since the Web Governance team initially started to describe the web site purpose, scope, etc. the two teams will come together to prepare documents that will assist both teams work.

e. Others

1) Google Analytics

Some sample reports were posted to the Sakai site. Google Analytics code was included into the RUcore templates.

2) Search Team (J. Gardner)

The IRB exemption was approved so user testing of the tabbed interface can go ahead. The exemption should be broad enough to allow for user testing on many different pieces of the redesign. Chad reported that the coding has progressed so that 70% the targets are functional. A prototype will probably be generated soon for users to try and to do user testing. Chad and Sam intend to explore how tab use can be captured as events that can be recorded and reported by Google Analytics.

7. Miscellaneous

There was a discussion that we hadn't linked to the Website redesign site from anywhere. It was decided that an info block would be added to the staff pages with the text: "Website redesign site: See what we are doing and give us your comments."

Meetings: We intend to stay on a consistent schedule of the fourth Thursday of each month, in the morning from 10a.m.-noon.

URL: http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/staff/groups/web_board/minutes/web_board_11_08_25.shtml
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