Minutes for October 13, 2008 Meeting

Ellis, Jantz, Hoover, Liew, McDonald, Mills, Nakagama, Sun
Hartstein, Triggs


  1. Discuss "Drupal Performance Testing and Optimization Notes" (included below)
  2. Working Group for Who's Who
  3. Continued development of Who's who and RGs.
  4. OJS upgrade and move to reaper64 - what are plans and options?
  5. Review of just a few of the websites to be moved to reaper64

Added topic: Discussion of Systems machine room and its capacity

What is the best process to address finding capacity to run a new server? We need to look at the "whole problem." Solutions could include consolidation of machines and environments. A group should be formed of Sys Admins Hoover and Nakagama, a couplprogramners, Jantz, and Sterback.

Are there short term expedients that will let us get Drupal launched? We also need to make an overallplan for expansion and maintenance of infrastructure.

In the meantime, there seems to be 2 possible expedient paths:

A: Rollback the current development version of Drupal to PHP4 to match the libserv4 environment and move the developemnt environment to a different SCC server (sharing the OCR development machine and Wand-Dev). (Yang will need to test the OCR after Sho adjusts the environment to match libserv4). After the new drupal dev envirnment is set up and tested it can be tested on libserv4.

B: Move the drupal dev server across the river to systems and test it to see if it can run Drupal, under load, as a production machine.

C: Put drupal on Reaper64 and see how it performs...?

(Agenda re-ordered)

Working Group for Who's Who

Choong gave a brief overview including membership and that a meeting is scheduled for next week.

Discuss "Drupal Performance Testing and Optimization Notes" (included below)

Steps to optomize:

Continued development of Who's Who and RGs.

Not specifically discussed.

OJS upgrade and move to reaper64 - what are plans and options?

Vertigo and Bogart to be moved to reaper64
Vertigo ready. Move as-is.
Bogart - triggs needs to update with library info and navigation.

Coins has been removed (not publically accessibel due to rights).

ETD's - Wait until October when graduation is over. (must be done late October - late November before next round)

OJS - 2.2.2 is out (Sept 28) Shaun and Sho will work on an upgrade.

Review of just a few of the websites to be moved to reaper64

Not specifically discussed.

Next meeting: November 3, 2008; Mov 17, 2008

Steps to Optimize and Test Drupal

1. Sam, Choong
Install Paros www.parosproxy.org
get numbers for current drupal-dev and production (start an excel worksheet) for find articles, indexes a-z a description, and test123

Others: do similar numbers (plus some html pages) and add 'old sirsi machine'

try devel http://drupal.org/project/devel
on drupal dev
capture numbers

Should we also do myTop?

2. Choong
Fix the broken path to

remove (as it is duplicated)

(on drupal-dev)

change MOST css to be called via a link tag rather than an import

a CSS "@import" statement, (which) bypasses Drupal's aggregation.

04rul-style2.css should remain an import

3. Choong
Make local copies of the rul styles

@import url(/rul/includes/04rul-style2.css);

4. Choong
Copy over whole website to drupal-dev and relavise.
including javascripts etc.
emulate proxy tests?
(skip form processor?; skip OVID connection scripts)

Dave will copy /u4/ and apache config to drupal-dev

5. Re-do metrics in 1 with paros, devel. also do html pages

6. Sho and Dave
Synchronize/match Apache configuration, maxClients etc.

7. try Boost on drupal-dev
capture numbers using Paros (as devel shoudl be off is this is to be a static test)
sync with Dave to set up Boost on production machine etc.

8. Re-do metrics in 1 with paros, devel. also do html pages

9. try load testing on drupal-dev & 'old sirsi machine'
maybe use Apache J-meter http://jakarta.apache.org/jmeter/
or somtheing else at http://opensourcetesting.org/performance.php


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