Minutes for July 20, 2009 Meeting

Hartstein, Hoover, Jantz, Liew, McDonald, Mills


Report: Drupal Updates / Status (Sam, Choong)

Timeline is unclear as we are waiting for a successful install.
After that takes place then dates can be projected.

Deliveries: Delivery to Dave should not require him to search/replace strings/paths.
The development server should match the test server so that essentially it is easy to un-rar and load a database.
We will look to try to improve our process for the next Release (2.0 - Drupal 6).

Discussion: Drupal Roadmap (Sam)

Google Analytics: Issues and approaches.
Need requirements from J. Boyle. Sam will meet with Jeanne.

Drupal 6: Need to sort out production and development issues. Dev is in private address space which makes it hard to test for proxy issues

Discussion: Who's Who Requirements (Choong)

Data collection is expected to be done by August 1 (functional title data response is at 77%)
August-October: Supervisors will review titles.
October: Kayo 7 Choong will talk to Grace before thsi goes to Cabinet in November.
Liaison data will not be listed directly, but will be revealed using a pop-up/reveal widget.

Discussion: Guide Requirements (Sam)

Discussion related to handout (reposted as html here):

Guide Specifications for Drupal
(early draft)

  • Primary research guide listing page
    • Displays Guide names (subject name from subject thesaurus…the same used for indexes)
    • Sorted by area, and displayed alphabetically
    • The 'general' guides will not be subjects in the thesaurus. (it will know they are general because they will be built using a guide content type, but not be associated with a subject..unless we are forced to make a general container))
    • The listings will include both "full" guides and "brief" guides.
  • Content types
    • Guide
      A guide is just a page with
      • a name pick box- editor picks librarians from list to display their names, email, and titles (from Who's Who data)(required)…thus has some flexibility and does not have to associated with all subject librarians of that subject
      • a subject list..so a guide can be marked for a given subject (optional, for general guides)
      • a t/f "is main page" checkbox (the page with the checkbox is the one that gets linked to from the listings..all others are considered daughters of the main page)
      • perhaps an large hidden box for notes-to-self by the editor
    • guides will have alternative urls (so as to not have node number urls)
    • There are no other fields at this time. Any guide page is a freeform and only must have a name on it and be associated with a subject (which may be a general topic). Pages do need to conform to general specifications and not use crazy color palettes or fonts.
    • note: a guide owner will be able to develop pages as 'unpublished' and until they add links to it they can continue to work on it.
    • daughter pages could have different names/maintainers associated with them. They do however have to have a subject associated with them (the same as their parent)(theoretically a daughter page could have more than one parent I guess. Also note, that all daughters need to be deliberately linked from the main page of guide)
  • Brief Guide
    A brief guide doesn't differ from the main page of any other research guide, except that it includes a bit of code that, when passed a node number (matching to a subject term), it returns a generated, formatted list of databases. The bit of code can be utilized in a sub-page of any guide as desired. Note that a brief guide has to be manually instantiated..but doesn't need any maintenance..unless the initial paragraph, if any, needs to be modified.
  • Issues
    • Getting RU style sheets to part of TinyMCE's (or its successor's) interface.
    • Brief guides will be pulling in the descriptions…these descriptions are idiosyncratic and of different lengths. The initial generated results will probably inspire/require some revision of index descriptions.
    • We may wish to make a new code bit that allows a guide editor to call a specific node (preferably by alternative name than node id) and insert it into a guide. This would allow adding custom text around these calls. Perhaps we would want to have long form and short form calls..one displaying the url/name and description and one that just shows the url/name.
    • A first shot at a brief guide might be urban studies. Hartman would probably go for it.

Question: How to get "owners" for Brief Guides (Subject areas that have no guide of any kind).
Sam will work with LRC and other groups to solve this.

Discussion: On-going support for ETDs and Bookroomand other projects

This is to cover projects that Shaun supported:
- two names means there is a front-line contact backed by a programmer.

ProjectAssigned to
Ask A LibrarianChad

The Boolean development environment will be retired when the projects are moved (or retired in the case of phpESP).

Update/Demonstration: Bookroom Usage Statistics (James)

James demonstrated his WordPress plugin module/application.
It allows selection by Room, Year, Time length (month, quarter, year), starting month (week optional) (then click "go").
Shows results by hours, days of the week for the requested period
Maybe total hours and total events should be shown
Should have report generation (CSV)
Should be extended for all other buildings/rooms
Will be migrated to SCC website
James & Ron should do a demo for Francoise & Bill.

Next meeting

Monday, August 17, 1:30pm, SCC: Heyer

Drupal Release 1.1 Timeline

(from August 5 memo)

4      Dave has dual-Drupal on Elrond for testing (/cmstest/ running alongside current 
       production /cms/)
4,5    Sam tests /cmstest/, sends fixes to Choong
5,6    Choong : fixes
7      Choong: send new delivery to Dave
10-12  Sam: Testing (if new delivery is mounted!)
       Sam/Dave coordinate Log-in text changes
11-12  Choong: fixes (if any remain)
13     New delivery /cms/
14     Hopefully new delivery can be mounted for Sunday night testing
17     a.m. sanity test/ p.m. Web services, go decision, decide launch date
 ?     Launch.  Dave backs up current production and puts in new release.        

URL: http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/staff/groups/web_services/minutes/web_services_09_07_20.shtml
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