Minutes for February 23, 2010 Meeting

Jantz, Liew, McDonald
Hoover, Mills


  1. Drupal Next Release Goals and Steps
  2. Drupal Roadmap Discussion: The Next Few Releases
  3. Conversion of ColdFusion to PHP and associated LDAP issues
  4. Announcements
  5. Miscellaneous Business

1) Drupal Next Release Goals and Steps

Choong reported that the creator/maintainer of CCK Taxonomy responded and posted a bug-fix patch for the module (for Drupal 6).
Choong is upgrading from 5 to 6 to use this updated module.
Many people trying to upgrade are having issues. Choong is reviewing status of other's solutions and keeps working at the upgrade.

Discussed next rollout, hopefully for April, to look something like:

Path #2: Drupal 6, new server(?), re-configured Boost 6, launch basic Who's Who

  1. Upgrade to Drupal 6
  2. Work around our dependence on http://drupal.org/project/cck_taxonomy
  3. Utilize new features of Boost under Drupal 6
    see: http://drupal.org/node/545664
    • Supports sub-directory Installations
    • Choose which pages are cached
    • Adjustable cache lifetimes for different parts of the website.
      (essential for performance so that pages like index descriptions can be cached, but Who's Who pages can be dynamic)
  4. New Server ?!!?
  5. Launch basic Who's Who
    • Sortable Directory
    • Basic individual profiles (basic, name, address, title, photo(opt.)
  6. Small updates/housecleaning to index pages
  7. lots of performance testing on newServer/cmstest

In parallel development for Release 2.1

  • Full Guides (mediated)
  • Brief Guides
  • More cross-linking of Indexes and Guides

Discussed adding a new field to database descriptions "Concurrent users." Sam had a mockup of an explanation page with a generated table of data.

2) Drupal Roadmap Discussion: The Next Few Releases

We discussed a draft document from Sam. The comments and changes resulted in the modified document below.

3) Conversion of ColdFusion to PHP and associated LDAP issues

We discussed a list of 23 active, in-use ColdFusion applications (provided by Chad). Sam will over the next year convert to PHP these 3 apps from Bartz: "Microforms in Alexander Library", "Alexander Library CD-ROMS and Data Sources," "Microforms on Loan to RRS and ILL," after that he will look at "George H. Cook Scholar Papers," "Topomaps Inventory," and "NJ Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Companies Directory."

Ron will have Jeffery convert "Vreme NDA." Ron will contact Judith about "Alcohol History" and R.Bell about the Singleness Bibliography, and "Italy's peoples."

(We didn't explicitly discuss LDAP at all)

4) Announcements


5) Miscellaneous Business

Earlier side discussion on Who's Who vocabulary:
On Friday, Feb 26, Who's Who will be meeting. They need to review the integrated spreadsheet of vocabulary and normalize, simplify AND change, with suggestions, to be brought back to TAS Heads (by Ron).

We discussed where an how we could/should host blogs for RUL. We discussed issued of deprecation of old abandoned blogs, transferring ownership of blogs. What sorts of policies and procedures would need to be written etc. Really more musings, no real conclusions.

Next meetings

All in Heyer Room.
March 15
March 29
April 12
April 26
May 10

Drupal Rollout Roadmap

Release 1.0 -  Mar  9, 2009 - Indexes
Release 1.1 - Aug 25, 2009 - Indexes upgrade (Sub-groups: prim/sec/tert)
Release 1.2 -  Feb 16, 2010 - Indexes upgrade (Sub-groups: core/rel/supp)

Release 2.0 - by May 1, 2010 - Basic Who's Who; Drupal upgrade, New server
- Drupal 6
- New server
- Basic Who's Who
- New field for descriptions: Concurrent users

Release 2.1 - Summer 2010 - Guides migrate to Drupal, Phase 1; Contact forms
- Guides(mediated), Brief Guides
- Indexes cross-link to Guides/Brief Guides
- New Who's Who feature: Contact forms attached individual profiles

Candidate features/upgrades of successive releases (clustered):
- Upgrade to Drupal 7
- Individual profiles (So librarians can update pages owned by them, Guides etc.)
- Drupal generated mobile-device formatted pages
- Re-theme Drupal to match redesign
- Move many forms into Drupal, including basic contact (via Who's Who?) and for 
   subject areas,   e.g. "Request/recommend a book")
Who's Who
- Who's Who: Advanced profiles (more than basic fields)
- Who's Who: "Who do I contact"
Content Shift
    - Guides to Drupal, (mediated) (R2.0)
    - Brief Guides
    - Profiles for permissions and workflow (to make guides un-mediated)
    - Drupal generated front page
    - News pages in Drupal (RSS feeds?)(generate html for MyRU "feed")
    - Move all remaining second level pages into Drupal
    - Review all remaining non-Drupal pages, move into Drupal as reasonable
- Investigate leveraging Serial Solutions 360 Search XML API (Goal: present 
     subject-specific federated search)
- Investigate portal approaches (groups (UG,Grads,Faculty,Alum,public), 
    subject, individual etc.)
- Investigate using Google Analytics
- RUL content "Syndication": e.g. Sakai integration 
    (also investigate eCompanion, BlackBoard etc.)
- Maps (of stacks etc.  linked from dynamic links from the catalog..?)

(SJM- Feb. 23, 2010, Rev 1.1)

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