Interim Steps in Reorganization - January 2007



Given the existing challenges involved in engaging Faculty in governing positions, the group believes it is best to move cautiously and assure that any new structure is sufficiently dynamic to attract volunteers. Since ideas are still being presented as of this December faculty meeting, and elections are around the corner, we propose a series of interim steps to be taken while discussion continues.

There is agreement that the Faculty Coordinator and the Chair of the Planning Committee will be members of the University Librarian's Cabinet, and we propose to proceed with that arrangement as soon as possible. As of this report, the abolition of the current Planning and Coordinating Committee is not recommended, because there is general agreement that its stability is important. Full discussion of budget and open lines is a recent development, and faculty members are learning how to assess the resource priorities of the Libraries; the group believes it is important for this process to be sustained and strengthened. Also, the composition of this or any other Planning Committee will depend on the arrangement and membership of the Council(s) and Cabinet.

In summary, we propose to begin January 1, 2007:

1) the addition of the AUL for Planning and Organizational Research as an ex-officio member to the Planning and Coordinating Committee

2) the Deputy Faculty Coordinator be named the "Chair of Planning Committee," here defined as a subcommittee of the current Planning and Coordinating Committee. It will consist of the AUL for Planning and Organizational Research, and the four members currently elected from Newark, Camden, New Brunswick, and System-wide. While the entire Planning and Coordinating Committee will continue with its "open lines" discussions led by the University Librarian, this subgroup will be specifically charged with monitoring the Strategic Plan, and adapting faculty committee activities, including the Councils, to its goals.

3) with the consent of the University Librarian, the addition of the Chair of the Planning Committee and the Faculty Coordinator to the University Librarian's Cabinet

[Approved December 8, 2006. See Faculty Meeting minutes for that date.]

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