Library Faculty Teaching

January 20, 2005

TO:	Library Faculty
FROM:	Marianne Gaunt
RE:	Library Faculty Teaching

This memo is an update and redistribution of the communication regarding library faculty participation in teaching outside the Libraries that restates university and library policies in effect on this issue.

There are three main categories: teaching or co-teaching courses in academic departments from time to time, summer or winter session teaching assignments, and participation in the Libraries' information literacy program. In the first two situations, approval by the appropriate director or associate university librarian is required.

Teaching in Rutgers Academic Departments

Library faculty may teach a course from time to time in an academic department, including SCILS, and in the continuing education programs at any school, if approved by the director or associate university librarian. It is assumed that the course to be taught is encompassed within the bibliographic expertise of the faculty member's library assignment or is in the broad area of library services. Because library faculty hold calendar-year appointments, they may not receive additional compensation from Rutgers for teaching in other departments. The Libraries should be compensated directly by the department for the time a faculty member is away from his or her library duties. This compensation may be negotiated by the director or associate university librarian as appropriate to the needs of the unit.

Summer or Winter Session Teaching Assignments

Faculty who hold calendar year appointments are not permitted to teach summer or winter session for compensation. A faculty member may, however, with director or associate university librarian approval, teach and receive compensation during their one-month vacation. If a faculty member teaches a summer or winter session course at a time other than his or her vacation or if a course is longer than the individual's available vacation time, the Libraries must be directly compensated by summer or winter session for that portion of the librarian's time away from his or her library duties.

Information Literacy Instruction

As part of the Libraries' support for academic teaching, librarians may continue to contribute to development of the information literacy skills of Rutgers students by teaching instruction sessions in academic courses.

If you have any questions about library faculty teaching, please contact me.

Last updated: March 1, 2005
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