Rutgers University Libraries Marketing Plan for 2007/08
With measures for success proposed by the Marketing/PR group

- updated March 2007 -

Goal One: More stakeholders will become aware of library resources and services appropriate for them.

Measurable Objective One: Increase students' awareness of the Libraries website.

  • Action Step: Place outreach service desks in locations with easy access to users (e.g., student orientations, campus centers, dorms, etc.), at each of the three campuses, to distribute information about the Libraries website. [Suggested handout: Five common 'problems' students can solve by using the website.]
  • Important preparatory step = provide training for service desk staff on the objectives of the program and the skills needed to succeed.
  • Measure: Number of visitors to all service desks and feedback from Libraries staff who managed the desks.
  • Target date: September 2007
  • Cost: $1300 [covers purchase of iPod and expense of imprinting coffee cup sleeves with info on the service desks & Ipod drawing; sleeves will be distributed/used by campus center coffee shops]
  • Action Step Owner: Access service staff and reference librarians
  • Marketing/PR Group contact: Roger Smith

Measurable Objective Two: Libraries will increase use of specific library resources, through concerted promotion efforts.

  • Action Step: In the current academic year the Libraries will promote two resources, EEBO and CRL (catalog), through news releases to RU media, messages on the Libraries home page and the Libraries Facebook group, contacts with influential faculty members, and new one-page brochures or flyers.
  • Measure: Usage data comparison for these two resources, April 2006 vs. April 2007, where available; Harry will check with Ann Montanaro.
  • Target date: Fall 2007 semester
  • Cost: $500 (covers printing of new brochures or flyers)
  • Action Step Owner: Communication Coordinator, with Libraries liaisons
  • Marketing/PR group contact: Harry Glazer

Measurable Objective Three: Libraries stories and announcements will appear prominently in campus media, to raise awareness of the Libraries resources and services among internal constituencies.

  • Action Step: Communications Coordinator will pursue campus media placements
  • Measure: Statistics on number and size of stories and announcements that appear in the Rutgers-Focus, Daily Targum, Rutgers-Camden Gleaner, Rutgers-Newark Targum, Rutgers-Newark Observer, UHR Weekly Digest e-newsletter, and the three RU campus home pages (New Brunswick, Newark, and Camden)
  • Target date: Sept. 2006 - May 2007
  • Cost: None
  • Action Step Owner: Harry Glazer
  • Marketing/PR Group contact: Harry Glazer

Measurable Objective Four: Libraries liaisons will develop relationships with new faculty to build their awareness of Libraries services and resources.

  • Action Step: The Libraries will place literature targeted to faculty, including subject specialist information for all academic departments, at the university presidents' reception for new faculty members.
  • Measure: Amount of literature distributed and contacts generated by the handouts (as attested by libraries liaisons).
  • Target date: September 2007
  • Cost: $2000
  • Action Step Owner: Harry Glazer
  • Marketing/PR Group contact: Triveni Kuchi and Harry Glazer
  • Note: The University Librarian has offered to contact President McCormick, to arrange for the placement of Libraries literature at this reception.

Measurable Objective Five: Faculty liaisons will augment their skills and identify best practices in their work with academic departments.

  • Action Step: Libraries liaisons will form a 'community of practice,' which will meet a few times each year to discuss best practices in liaison work and identify, brainstorm, and consider solutions for difficult challenges. The group's work may be supported by the liaison's tool-kit, currently under development under the auspices of the Collection Development Council.
  • Measures: Number of meetings per year, attendance rates, and a year-end report of the libraries liaisons 'community of practice.'
  • Target date: Group kick-off event September 2007
  • Cost: None
  • Action Step Owner: Libraries liaisons and Bob Sewell
  • Marketing/PR Group contact: Triveni Kuchi
  • Note: This proposed action step, and the measures connected to it, is currently under discussion and are not yet approved. Triveni has requested that this idea be considered at an upcoming Collection Development Council meeting.

Measurable Objective Six: University Librarian's Cabinet will strengthen relationships with key administrators at Rutgers, in order to increase their awareness of Libraries issues and concerns.

  • Action Step: Members of the University Librarian's Cabinet will meet at least once annually with each key university administrator - either one-to-one or in a Cabinet meeting - for a general discussion of current Libraries initiatives and concerns.
  • Measure: Number of meetings held.
  • Target date: January - May 2007
  • Cost: None
  • Action Step Owner: University Librarian's Cabinet
  • Marketing/PR Group contact: Francoise Puniello
  • Note: 'Key administrators' are defined as all members of the University President's Administrative Council.

Measurable Objective Seven: Libraries student workers will develop a greater knowledge of library services and resources and be able to communicate this knowledge to library users that they serve. Services to be promoted include Ask A Librarian, e-reserves, Interlibrary loan, IRIS, PALCI, and RDS.

  • Action Steps: Access services supervisors across all three campuses will create added depth to student worker orientation sessions.
  • Measure: TBD
  • Target date: September 2007
  • Action Step Owner: Access Services staff
  • Marketing/PR Group contact: Rose Barbalace
  • Note: This action step is still under development. The current plan, proposed by Rose Barbalace and Roger Smith, consists of three components: (1) The Student Coordinators Group will create new materials to augment student worker training on core Libraries services and provide these materials to the Marketing/PR group; (2) Rose will share the folder she has developed, which documents questions that have stumped student workers along with the answers (which Rose provides) with the Marketing/PR group. The data in the folder, along with follow up emails from Rose to the student workers, will aid the Marketing/PR group in assessing the current state of student worker orientation. (3) Alexander Library student employees will receive a quick quiz on ten core Libraries services, in January 2007 (as a benchmark), October 2007, and January 2008. Data will be compared between all testing sessions to assess the effectiveness of the new training materials and the folder on difficult questions. Depending on the effectiveness of these innovations, the methods may subsequently be promoted system-wide and instituted for the spring 2008 semester.

Goal Two: Libraries personnel will focus on whom we serve, what they need, and will be in touch with users often.

Measurable Objective Eight: The Libraries will broaden their market research efforts, through analysis of user feedback, and create marketing responses that address recurrent themes.

  • Action Step: Libraries Marketing/PR group will obtain and analyze data from current user queries in Ask A Librarian and open ended questions in the LibQUAL + 2005 survey, to track concerns and develop marketing responses. The Marketing/PR group will also review Ask A Librarian's FAQ's and the answers posted and provide feedback.
  • Measure: Data compiled from Ask a Librarian queries will be reviewed by the Marketing/PR Committee three times a year. Open ended questions in the LibQUAL + 2005 survey will be reviewed and categorized.
  • Target Date: January 2007, April 2007, October 2007.
  • Cost: None
  • Action Step Owner: Ask a Librarian Team and Marketing/PR Committee.
  • Marketing/PR Committee Contact: Rose Barbalace
  • Note: To insure confidentially, libraries and user names will not be included in the Ask A Librarian data provided to the Marketing/PR group.

Measurable Objective Nine: Libraries will improve service by providing training workshops to librarians and staff regarding customer/public service.

  • Action Step: The Libraries will provide workshops in customer service, (e.g. how to manage difficult people/situations; how to deal with an emergency, etc).
  • Measure: Number of workshops held; number of library faculty and staff in attendance, either at Libraries workshops or related UHR workshops
  • Target date: January - December 2007
  • Cost: None
  • Action Step Owner: Marilyn Wilt and Training and Learning Committee.
  • Marketing/PR Group contact: Darryl Voorhees

Goal Three: Develop publications and activities that directly engage students and explain how they have easy access to library resources, services and facilities.

Measurable Objective Ten: Libraries publications will become more relevant to students and will foster a greater awareness of library services and resources.

  • Action Step: The Libraries will conduct student focus groups to gather data, which will be used to improve library publications (brochures, handouts, etc.).
  • Measure: Feedback from students on select publications and the incorporation of this feedback into subsequent reprints of the publications.
  • Target date: late March/early April 2007
  • Cost: $1,100 (Food for focus groups, on three campuses, per semester)
  • Action Step Owner: Rose Barbalace at CAC, Vib Bowman at Camden, April Grier at Newark - all w/support from Harry Glazer
  • Marketing/PR Group contact: Rose Barbalace

Goal Four: Define the Rutgers University Libraries' system, for easier internal and external reference.

Measurable Objective Eleven: The Libraries will develop a new brand identity and slogan

  • Action Steps: The brand/slogan subcommittee will meet with committees throughout the system and develop a representative brand and slogan.
  • Measure: Brand and slogan will be ready for review by the University Librarian's Cabinet by May 2007.
  • Target date: May 2007
  • Cost: None
  • Action Step Owner: Marketing/PR Committee.
  • Marketing/PR Group contacts: John Brennan, Roger Smith, Julia Zapcic

This draft incorporates comments from Jeanne Boyle, 12.14.06,
revisions from the Marketing/PR group, 12.14.06,
the tentative plan for augmenting student worker training
developed by Rose Barbalace, Harry Glazer, and Roger Smith, 12.20.06,
feedback from Marianne Gaunt and Julia Zapcic, 1.12.07,
and revisions from Marianne Gaunt, Jeanne Boyle, and Francoise Puniello
in response to feedback from the University Librarian's Cabinet, 2.6.07.
Last updated = March 1, 2007

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