NBCG Diversity Fund Memo

December, 1999
Diversity Fund

Acting for NBCG, I am distributing the following message to the attention of all NB selectors who may wish to purchase books using available diversity funds. Please note: these funds are very limited (only $6860 for AY 2000) and titles selected should be those that you would not normally purchase with your regular state or non-state funds.
Purchase recommendations must be submitted to the Diversity Committee


Lourdes Vazquez wrote:
RE: Diversity Funds
Please distribute to everyone:

The NBCG Diversity Fund team will be considering selectors recommendations on the acquisition of monographs and multi-media materials in two categories:

* works about diversity/ what it means: items which discuss multicultural society, cross-cultural issues differences and their "results" such as prejudice, stereotypes, anti-racism, tolerance and discrimination,

* works that deal with a specific group, often because they have been targets for discrimination such as African-Americans, the aged and aging, Asian-Americans, Latinos and Latin Americans living in the USA, people with disabilities, gender issues, Native Americans, lesbians, gays and bisexuals. Any diversity materials that are not specifically covered by already existing fund codes will be given priority.

Any selector can make recommendations to any of the members of the NBCG Diversity fund team: Addie Talau, Halina Rusak, Nelson Chou, Lourdes Vazquez. Requests will be considered until March 1st.

Lourdes Vazquez

URL: http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/staff/nbl/nbcg/docs/NBCG_diversity_fund_memo.shtml
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