New Brunswick Collection Group Meeting, Sept. 8, 2000: Minutes

Present: Howard Dess, Rebecca Gardner, Tom Glynn, Brian Hancock, Helen
Hoffman, Kevin Mulcahy, Pat Piermatti, Addie Tallau, Lourdes Vazquez,
, Ellen Gilbert (minutes).

Guests: Bob Sewell, Ryoko Toyama

1. Minutes of meeting were approved as amended.

2. Approval of previous meeting's minutes tabled til next meeting.

3. Collections budget (B. Sewell). Good news: additional $950,000 for
collections. Although Criminal Justice move to Newark Law takes $25,000
out of our budget, we no longer have to support that collection so we
break even. Note that CJ holdings, which are now housed in Newark Law,
are no longer in IRIS. Available state funds total: $7,195,703 (includes
ICI funds). (see handouts) Diversity funds may be forthcoming. Chart
of available non-state funds includes carry-over, resulting in over $1
million available for NB. Bob will get specific breakdowns to us some
time in Oct.) Note that it is okay to do some immediate ordering on
those funds which have carry-over. The grand total for the year is $9
million; additional VALE funds will be used for Academic Universe
(Lexis-Nexis). It was agreed that the monies would be split between
Sciences and Humanities/Social Sciences again. Asked how this split was
determined Bob noted that it is based on past history and the relative
costs of materials. Addie is working on updating statistics reflecting
departmental enrollment, number of faculty, number of grad students,

As a result of Science Direct (see handout) subscriptions to Elsevier
print titles are being cancelled. Note that some online titles are
indexed under "the." Bob will provide a full description of Science
Direct for sending to teaching faculty in the near future. Other
results of receiving Science Direct include cuts in journal
expenditures, cuts in binding costs, and the creation of more shelf
space. (see Marianne's "Memo to Collection Development Council,

Bob noted that he needs to hold onto a certain amount of money-not yet
clear how much-for other upcoming electronic resource purchases; there
is a long list of things under consideration. Committee participation
is encouraged.

It is not yet clear whether it will be necessary to cut old titles in
order to subscribe to new ones; please send your proposed additions to

4. Message from Myoung Wilson: we need to consider LIS dups among the RU
libraries. Tabled for clarification from Myoung.

5. The Pre-Conference Group Survey was distributed; it was agreed that
we would individually fill out these forms and return them to Jeris.

6. Microfilm dups of science periodicals (Addie Tallau). Addie has been
reviewing back- and broken files of science periodical titles in an
effort to streamline the collection. It was agreed that we should
retain the microfilm, and get rid of the print backfiles of these
duplicates. Decision about where to put them to be made in future.
Eventually, same process should take place for social science and
humanities duplicate journal runs.

7. Miscellaneous reports.

-Kevin: is doing an analysis of approval plan receipts and returns,
focusing on a 9 month period beginning Oct. 1999. The return rate
appears to be good at about 7%. Kevin will distribute a final copy of
this analysis to everyone when he is finished.

-Addie: noted that PsychInfo records for 1887-1966 were incorrectly
mounted; the user is asked for subject headings, although subject
headings were not used until 1966. Please keep in mind when searching
for early records.

It was agreed that we will invite Ron Jantz to a future meeting for an

Meeting adjourned at 10:50 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Ellen Gilbert