New Brunswick Collections Group Meeting Minutes
Friday, March 14, 2003

Attending: K. Denda, H. Dess, M. Fetzer, T. Glynn, H. Hoffman, T. Kuchi, P. Libutti. M. Lo, K. Mulcahy (recorder), L. Mullen, H. Perez-Gilbe,, P. Piermatti, G. Smulewitz, L. Vazquez.

  1. Agenda: The agenda was approved without change.

  2. Previous Minutes: Minutes of the previous meeting were adopted without change.

  3. Budget Update: (H. Dess)

    State spending is on targetBeven a bit ahead for this time of year, with a New Brunswick free balance of roughly 5%. A few funds still have large free balances, but in least some of those instances ordering anomalies mean that the free balances are actually far less than Workflows indicates. Non-state funds have much higher free balances, but M. Fetzer and K. Mulcahy pointed out that much of that money is in the Acquisitions pipeline or on its way to Acquisitions as selectors are pushing to meet the March 17 deadline.

    R. Sewell has made an additional $20,000 contribution to a special NB contingency fund which will cover overages in overspent/or under-funded subjects (mostly periodical funds). Bob made an earlier contribution of $20,000, and has also provided $4000 for preservation and $50,000 for the retrospective cataloging/preservation of NJ materials (documents and the F collection) at Alexander.

    H. Hoffman called attention to the problem of journals dropped from vendor packages after RUL has canceled print. The libraries have been able to cover so far, mostly via funds from Central, but a strategy should be devised. The new Serials Solutions package is intended to aid in dealing with such problems, but entering all the necessary data has proven time-consuming, especially for smaller vendors.

    Various budget cut scenarios have been articulated at different meetings, ranging from 2% to 11.9%. Marianne Gaunt thinks around 5% is likely. Any cuts will of course come on top of the normal loss of buying power to inflation, and since most of RUL=s share of the cuts will have to come from Collections, even the smallest cut will be painful. R. Toyama suggests a strategy of apportioning the cuts among the three major discipline areas (Arts & Humanities, Sciences, and Social Sciences) as opposed to privileging any one area, and also urges the intensive use of non-state money to help minimize the damage to collections. Ryoko also notes that Centers and Institutes are likely to be endangered by major cuts in the University budget.

    M. Fetzer notes that if RUL does choose to cut some major packages to stay within budget, there will still be the need to replace at least some of the lost e-journals with print versionsBand this will have an impact on staff work load.

  4. Gift Funds: (R. Toyama)

    Ryoko reviewed the Van Wagoner donationBa principal of $2,009.413.11Ba gift by a deceased alumnus of Rutgers. NBCG endorsed a split of 4-1 with Special Collections, which would leave roughly $1,600,000 for NB. Money will be distributed in July, and since it is a quasi-endowment, the libraries can dip into the principal, a strategy Ryoko strongly endorses because of the anticipated budget cuts. Further discussion will be need on the amount and nature of the distribution.

  5. Missing Books: (K. Denda)

    Kayo reviewed the current work flow for missing books, noting that selectors are not at all involved in the current process. She suggested ways for streamlining the process and bringing selectors into it in a timely manner. G. Smulewitz offered additional suggestions for combining reports in effective ways, and taking into account the ordering season for selectors. She will review and offer an improved process for the next meeting.

    M. Lo noted that by the time the missing books list reaches the Math Library most of the books are out of print, but selectors can replace missing books with in-print equivalents by attaching records of the requested item to the record of the missing (but o-p) item.

  6. Selector List by LC Range: (H. Perez-Gilbe)

    Hector has been making good progress on the list, but needs some additional input from M. Fetzer and K. Mulcahy for the Social Sciences and the Humanities. He hopes to present an up-to-date and complete list by the April meeting. Howard recommended posting the completed list on the NBL pages.

  7. Announcments:

    P. Libutti reported on a successful cooperative project with the Graduate School of Education to identify and acquire international textbooks in support of research and instruction.

    G. Smulewitz notes that current Annex policy is not to accept textbooks. Selectors who have specific research and curricular needs for retaining textbooks (for example, in support of GSE) should specify so on the Annex form, rather than leaving the decision to staff.

  8. Adjournment

The meeting was adjourned at 11:30 AM

Respectfully submitted,
Kevin Mulcahy
Secretary du jour