Minutes of February 20, 2009 Meeting

M. Fetzer, R. Gardner, K. Hartman, H. Hoffman, Q. Hu, T. Izbicki, M. Kesselman, T. Kuchi, J. Niessen, K. Mulcahy (chair) M. Lo (recorder), J. Sloan, G. Smulewitz, M. Wilson, R. Womack, C. Wu

1. Agenda was approved as distributed.

2. Minutes of 1-16-09 was approved as distributed via email by Triveni Kuchi on 2-2-09.

3. Chair's report - Kevin Mulcahy

We are currently spending about $32,000 per month on approval plan. We expect to spend additional $160,000 on approval by the end of this fiscal year. Some general gift money set aside by the NB Allocations Team will be used to cover about three weeks of approval expenditures. LRC is considering using some one-time money this year to help the approval plan.

Kevin has studied the differences between university press and non-university press on the English & American Literature profile. The average cost of books published by non-university press is only about $4 more than those published by university press. The circulation statistics, however, do not indicate significant difference between the two types of publishers. We should therefore exercise caution if we consider removing a particular kind of publishers from our approval profile.

Kevin also points out that our RU-online expenditure is about 45% of our entire collection budget. Electronic resources play an increasingly important role in our collection.

4. Report from Library Resources Council (LRC) Mary Fetzer

March 10 is the deadline for central funds requests. The team leaders already met once to review the databases requests. They are waiting to find out the total amount of one-time funding. Those resources that do not get funded will be presented by Bob Sewell to VP Furmanski. The team leaders will also meet on April 6, 2009 to discuss Academic Search Premier (ASP) and review the overlap of ASP and other databases.

LRC will revise the gift policy which was written in March 2006.

LRC endorsed the concept behind the Preservation Program Recommendation prepared by Grace, Bob and Farideh. The program called for a line of Program Coordinator.

Chris Sterback talked about the Last copy/Only copy policy.

5. Team Leader Reports

Jeris continues to gather electronic reference titles for one-time purchase. Other team leaders urge the members to place their orders and spend out the funds ASAP.

Librarians who are not sure if their requests are properly entered in the list of central funds reports are encouraged to contact individual team leaders:
Tom Izbicki, Leader of the Arts & Humanities Team
Mary Fetzer, Leader of the Generalist Team
Laura Mullen, Leader of the Sciences Team
Karen Hartman, Leader of the Social Sciences Team

There is also a concern about not having enough details displayed on the brief list of central funds requests, even though the selectors have put down the rationale for requesting a particular resource. LRC and the team leaders will investigate this issue.

6. DTS

DTS is involved in the weeding project at Douglass and Music Library, and also correcting the records for books or journals that have accompanying materials such as CDs, disks, video etc. DTS is also analyzing the ScienceDirect collection and investigating the possibilities of using "token method" to pay for titles that are rarely used. A message like "full download of this product will result in your library payment on behalf" would be displayed when a user tries to display a full-text article which gets paid by the "token method".

7. Update on Douglass-Music Task Force

Jane will engage other selectors in the weeding process. The Media collection is expected to move to Douglass by the summer of 2009.

8. Update on Alexander - Kilmer Business Books Transfer and Alexander Reference Weeding - Ryan Womack and Kevin Mulcahy

Ryan reminds the members of NBCG that Feb. 20 is the deadline for reviewing the list of business and economics books that will be transferred to Kilmer. Any questions should be addressed to Ryan Womack.

Kevin gives an update on the reference weeding project at Alexander. Many old print indexes will be transferred to Annex. The master list was sent to Gracemary. Next, Kevin may review the back runs of annuals in the Alex stacks after discussing with Gracemary and Judy.

9. GOBI Tip - Rebecca Gardner and Mei Ling Lo

Rebecca and Mei Ling give a brief presentation on interpreting GOBI records. Not all the titles ˇ§selectedˇ¨ at GOBI are ordered through YBP. Some books are ordered through a third-party vendor such as Barnes and Noble or Amazon.com. When this happens, there is no indication on the GOBI record that a book has been ordered. Orders should appear in Workflows, however.

10. Discussion: Approval Plan Strategy; the future of books at RUL - Kevin Mulcahy et al

An intensive discussion ensued. There are concerns about RUL losing its identity as a research library when our book budget continues to be depleted. There is a pressing issue of finding funding to support approval plan. Members are urged to voice our opinions at the March 6 RUL Faculty Meeting and the open discussion of the report No Brief Candle in the light of our State of the Libraries discussions.

11. Announcements

The goal of RUCore is to hit 500 items by the end of 2009. Jim Niessen will contact librarians who are liaisons for various Rutgers Research Centers to request contents for RUCore.

Next meeting: March 20, 2009

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