Minutes of June 18, 2010 Meeting

Cassel, Denda, Fetzer, R. Gardner (recorder), Gasporotto, Glynn, Harrington, Hartman, Hu, Izbicki, Kessleman, Kuchi, Mardikian, Oswell, Sewell, Sloan, Springs, Smulewitz, Womack (chair), Wu.

1. Approval of Agenda

Agenda was approved.

2. Approval of Minutes

Corrections for May minutes may still be submitted via email.

3. Reports and Updates:

Social Sciences (KH): Subgroup is meeting this afternoon to discuss the low use print journals project at Alexander.

General Reference (JC): Jeris will be sending out a list of electronic general reference titles that she is purchasing.

Sciences (RG): Science selectors have gathered titles that have been slow to appear on the shelves after ordering. Delays have been noticed in most disciplines, but are especially of concern in the sciences because of the importance of current materials needed for research. Selectors expressed a desire to discuss this issue at the July NBCG meeting.

Might be useful to analyze monographic series to determine if there could be changes to budget allocations in areas where titles are not coming in. Kati has offered to provide a report on fund codes where we may see titles that have not been received in recent years or changes in patterns of publication. Arts and Humanities (TI): Subgroup met to make priorities for cancellation decisions for low use print journals project at Alexander.

Library Resources Council (KH & BS): The budget remains unclear. There may be some "one time" money for minor purchases. The Council recently discussed the excellent mobile devices task force report and expects that there will be action on the recommendations soon.

GS: Many spreadsheets have been created to help evaluate low use print subscriptions. These can be found on the selectors' sakai site. Prepaying as many invoices as possible.

4. LibGuides Update:

GS: The task force met recently. Gene will be sending out guidelines that people should use when creating LibGuides so that they all appear as a coherent collection and function in a similar way. The task force is experimenting with the display of the initial page. Subject categories, including those under "General and Multimedia" will be taken from the current list of research guides. Introductory training sessions for July will be announced soon. Follow up brown bag lunches may be held so that creators can share ideas. LibGuide "boxes" can be shared and a warehouse can be set up where creators can access them. EBSCO has a new federated search product that can be incorporated into LibGuides. It is possible to create guides for individual courses and the task force is thinking about how they may be organized. Hopefully by August 1st there will be a link to LibGuides on the RUL homepage. The link would probably still be called "Research Guides".

5. Liaison Relationship Working Group Final Report:

CW: The Liaison Relationship Working Group final report was distributed. Ryan will try to make a prototype database from all of the information gathered by the working group by September. Some liaisons find the fund codes somewhat restrictive in departments where there are multidisciplinary areas, especially in the sciences. Journal cancellations in particular can be difficult, although liaisons can consult with each other. Subject liaisons might work better than department liaisons. Currently, there is nothing preventing multiple liaisons to be associated with one department. A goal for NBCG for next year might be to look at the fund codes with an eye toward simplifying.

6. The Future of the Approval Plan:

If we continue to spend at the current rate, we will run out of money for the approval plan within the next couple of years. There is a need to bring in people from outside of the library, such as the New Brunswick Library Faculty Council or the University Librarian's advisory board, to advocate for us. We need to consider aligning library resources with the direction the university is going. It is not possible to have core collections in every area across the board.

Concerns were voiced regarding the quality of materials coming through on the current plan. A task force was formed to propose options for funding and refining the plan. Melissa Gasparotto, Tom Izbicki, and Michele Oswell volunteered to serve on the task force. They will have a report for the August NBCG meeting.

7. Next Year's Meeting Cycle:

The group decided to continue to meet on a monthly basis, and to keep the July and August meeting dates on the calendar.

8. Announcements:

MF: Will resend specifications for annual reports. The music library materials are being moved to the middle floor of the Douglass library. The Douglass collection will be composed of strictly women's and gender studies, dance and theater arts. Appropriate selectors will be involved to make weeding/relocation decisions for titles that are not in these disciplines. The following questions arose regarding large scale weeding of materials: Is there a problem with moving books in subject areas such as Spanish and Philosophy out of the Douglass library when the department is located on the Douglass campus? Is there room at the receiving libraries to house the transferred titles? What are the costs involved with weeding and the move? Prior to adjourning, NBCG members congratulated Triveni on her new role as Director of the South Asia Studies Program.

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