Common Knowledge Database Minutes April 15, 1999

Present: Ron Jantz, Marty Kessselman, Susan Goodman, Penny Page, Jia Mi, Rebecca Gardner (recorder), Maya Gervits (recorder), Stephanie Bartz.

Ron distributed handouts with the proposed agenda for the current meeting:

1. Review of decisions from the last meeting (All are in minutes of 3/17/99) In the last minutes Rebecca made an attempt to summarize our requirements. We continued our discussion on how to organize the database and to make sure that different materials are included.

2. Review of the new direction which was discussed over the last meeting

a) Discussion of our interactions with other groups. At the last meeting it was decided that CKDB should supplement materials available through the RUL website, providing access to infrequently used and unique resources. It was decided to propose that CKDB become not just a NB but a RUL resource. Ron is going to bring this question to the next NB Faculty meeting.

b) Discussion of the CKDB prototype created by Stephanie, that was put on the web. Some members of the committee already added their records. This prototype is based on a rolodex MS-Access database that is now available at the reference desk at the Alexander library. It provides keyword searching, links to various resources and allows the user to add new records.

c) Ron initiated a discussion on how to add records to the database and what kind of materials should be included (vertical files, existing rolodexes and other databases).

Jia brought up a question of security issues and the necessity to make sure that records could not be deleted by unauthorized persons. Ron suggested use of passwords.

Ron and Penny proposed to create a separate new field ‘location” and to add a sub-location to the already existing description field. This will help to identify materials within the library system.

Ron also suggested placing the location field next to LC numbers and to make a convention to put initials of the person who creates or modifies these records in a data source field.

d) We discussed the potential migration of the CKDB from the MS Access onto a library NT server in order to guarantee operational support. Ron is going to further explore this possibility.

3. Progress Reports:

a) Directions:

Susan reported on her progress and asked others to test these directions to make sure that they are correct. It was decided to place directions to different libraries not on the CKDB but on the RUL website.

b) Library specialists

Similar decision was made regarding a list of library specialists ( to put this list on RUL’s website, not on the CKDB)

c) Core Reference

It was proposed that initially, as a Core Reference, individual rolodexes should be used that already exist at various reference desks. Stephanie is currently working on a research guide for general reference sources which will be placed on the RUL website.

d) Hidden resources.

Penny has added records in a rolodex for many of the hidden databases. She is going to make a record for STAT-USA with a note, referring to the reference desk at the Alexander library, as it will need a password for access.

A suggestion was forwarded to add records for Metrocard and RLG shares forms.

It was decided to scan existing vertical files and rolodexes for potential addition to the CKDB rolodex.

The next meeting is on May 13, at 2 p.m.

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