Common Knowledge Minutes of the June 22, Meeting

Present: S. Bartz, F. Chang, R. Gardner, S. Goodman, S. Hines, R. Jantz, L. Langschied, P. Page

We extended a welcome to our new member, Fernando Chang, from Douglass Library.

WAC Merger

Ron Jantz reported on discussions related to the merger of the CKDB team with WAC. It was pointed out that this proposal had been discussed and approved in meetings of the ISSG and NB faculty. Discussions are now occurring with Jeanne Boyle and representatives of the Camden and Newark campuses. The CKDB is now located under "Staff Resources" in the new RUL website. From an earlier meeting, we had concluded that a resource of this type would need to be located very high up in the web hierarchy (e.g. on the top page) in order to insure quick access that is needed to enable the CKDB to be successful and become a valuable resource. Given that discussions with WAC, SACOPS and other library representatives will take some time, the CKDB team felt that it was important to announce the CKDB and make it publicly available to NB libraries and to proceed with the WAC merger after the appropriate discussions have taken place.

Announcing the CKDB

The team felt it was now appropriate to announce the CKDB for use by librarians and information assistants. Before making this announcement, we undertook some actions to improve usability of the database. These are enumerated below:

Library Directions

Scott reviewed maps of the NB campus showing the locations of the libraries. Everyone thought that these would nicely augment the word descriptions that are now available through CKDB so Scott will complete the maps and place links to these from the online descriptions.

New Members

Fernando Chang is a new member representing Douglass, however since Jia Mi has left Rutgers we now need a Kilmer representative. Scott will talk with Kevin McGuire at Kilmer about his interest. Ron will talk with Nelson and Ron Becker to determine interest and possible sources for adding to CKDB from Special Collections.

Actions from last meeting

Our next meeting is August 10, 1999 at 2 pm in the SCC - Heyer Conference room.

Ron Jantz

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