Common Knowledge Database Meeting Minutes - August 10, 1999

Present: Ron Jantz (Chair), Scott Hines, Stephanie Bartz, Penny Small, Rebecca Gardner, Fernando Chang, Susan Goodman, Linda Langschied
Recorder: Linda Langschied

A. CKDB Audit

The CKDB Audit is underway. Each team member is reviewing and correcting a set of assigned records to insure accuracy and relevance of the database. Questions raised and decisions about the process are:

  1. Locations: If item lacks a call number, give library location anyway, using official IRIS library loc. designations
  2. Contact: Usually left blank unless an outside agency
  3. Difficult to verify items: If accuracy cannot be fairly easily verified, and the item does not seem to be critical information, may consider deleting. If uncertain, forward these items to Stephanie.
  4. Alex-specific items: Can be forwarded to Stephanie or Linda for verification if the person(s) designated to audit them are unable to do so.
  5. Sources: When available, the source for the information being entered into the CKDB should be included in the record.
  6. Deadline: The audit should be completed by the end of September.

B. Multiple Locations:

Stephanie recommended using a newly-designed entry form which:

  1. allows for entry of multiple library locations, and
  2. merges Loc and Call # - this will necessitate reviewing any items audited prior to implementing the new form, and making appropriate changes.

The changes were discussed and will be implemented as soon as possible. The audit will be temporarily postponed until changes to the interface have been completed.

Stephanie will insert a disclaimer in the main CKDB page indicating that IRIS is the best source for most up-to-date call numbers and locs.

C. CKDB - Promoting its use


The group resolved to promote use through a variety of awareness-raising techniques:

  1. Significant additions to the CKDB (e.g. if Camden's database is merged in) will be announced via e-mail.
  2. An e-mail after audit completion will be sent to all in RUL.
  3. CKDB will be demonstrated at various meetings, e.g. Ron will demonstrate at a forthcoming New Brunswick library faculty meeting.
  4. Linda will have stickers made for ref/info desk terminals that remind service providers to check the CKDB.
  5. Ron will look into announcing the CKDB in the Weekly Agenda.

Next Meeting

Next meeting is tentatively scheduled for 2:00, September 21 in the SCC - Heyer Conference room.

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