Minutes of May 13, 2009 Meeting

Joseph Abraham, Stephanie Bartz, Jeris Cassel, Kayo Denda, Tom Glynn (chair and recorder), Pam Johnson, Marty Kesselman, Triveni Kuchi, Kevin McGuire, Jim Niessen, Andrew Ruggerio, Jane Sloan, Eileen Stec.

This was a special meeting convened to discuss a possible change in the reporting structure for the New Brunswick Unit Computing Specialists (UCSs). It has been proposed that they report to a supervisor in Systems rather than the reference team leader in their individual buildings.

There was a general consensus that the proposed change is a poor idea. The UCSs perform duties and work on projects that are essential to user services in New Brunswick. They mediate between our users' needs and the technology available to meet those needs. We all felt that this would change if they were to report to Systems. We felt that a task-oriented, technology-focused unit like Systems is not the best place for fostering creative improvements to public service.

A minority argued that the best place would be the PC Working Group (PCWG). They emphasized that this is a system-wide body and that and the direction and coordination of the UCSs should be system-wide. The counter argument was that PCWG has been unwilling to take on a larger, more creative role and is focused primarily on day-to-day tasks relating to technology.

The group then discussed steps we can take to help the UCSs work more effectively as a team and foster a sense of group identity. Suggestions included:

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