Minutes of September 9, 2011 Meeting

J. Abraham, J. Cassel, J. Deodato, J. Gardner, R. Gardner, Glynn (chair), M. Lo (videoconference), P. Johnson (videoconference), K. Mulcahy, J. Nathanson, J. Niessen, Q. Hu, M. Oswell, J. Sloan (recorder), G. Springs, G. Thompson, R. Womack

1. Agenda

Agenda was adopted with 2 additions: Report on training of IAs, and Report on Kilmer flood.

2. Glynn: Chair's report

A Camden Peer Information Counseling Program has been established with the RIS librarians there. Glynn continues to experiment with video reference using Adobe ConnectNow and the peers may it in their work. Suggestion to run a meeting with Adobe Connect, led to decision to first try it with a small group meeting. ConnectNow is free and is used for one-on-one meetings.

Gideon Thompson is with NB RIS for this semester; talk to Glynn about possible activities or projects.

Douglass collections 'flip' is completed and construction of Seminar Room is beginning 9/12. Upon completion it will be booked for Mason Gross performing arts through Scheduling, any open time may be used by other groups. Will accommodate 22 people. Douglass Instruction alcove not complete, but functioning. Lack of security means it cannot be open except for instruction sessions; new emergency door will change that. For now, 25 workstations available to students.

RIOT update is being done by Kognito; basic updates only, such as not using the term IRIS, nothing substantive.

3. Niessen

Training for IAs continues for new people: 5 at Alex, 4 at Douglass and 1 at Kilmer. Collaborative training for commonalities among buildings with Stec; very effective for new and for experienced IAs. Suggestion that some/all of this training also be offered in some way to new librarians.

4. Cassel

Report on seriousness of flooding, including a mudslide, at Kilmer; entire bottom floor, including librarian offices, Livingston College archives, new instructional area and new seminar room all heavily damaged. Also, systems continue to malfunction, a.c in particular. Recovery began several days after the event. OIT planned to add 60 new workstations [for students and for instruction] on the main floor at Kilmer, but OIT now says it is not able to afford wiring in that space.

5. Glynn

Brief discussion of Gimlet for recording reference transactions. All buildings are configured in a somewhat different way. Jeanne Boyle will visit NBISG next month to discuss statistics and introduce LibPass. Glynn will discuss LibPass with Boyle before the meeting.

6. Glynn: Goals

Four goals were agreed upon. Explore centralized phone reference: examine how, why and where we report statistics; work more closely with the MLIS program at SCI, especially those students working in academic libraries; and create 'new librarian' tool kit. Centralized phone possibilities will be investigated by Nathanson, Rebecca Gardner, and Sloan, report preliminarily in December.

Examination of statistics will involve at a minimum the analysis of the software packages we use.

Working with SCI goal led to a report from Springs about a SCARLA, a new group there composed of students interested in working in academic libraries. Springs, Niessen and Glynn will be meeting with the group to discuss possible activities. In the past, we've mostly involved students in 'field work' of reference and instruction on an individual basis, but we would like to think of other ways to fill in their graduate experience with practical experience. The new Field Coordinator at SCI is Virginia Papandrea, v.papandrea@rutgers.edu.

New librarian tool kit will be initiated by Deodata and others.

The goals, along with how they fit into the action grid, will be posted to the Sakai site.

7. Meeting adjourned at 11:45 a.m.

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