Minutes of December 14, 2012 Meeting

Joseph Abraham, Ellen Calhoun, Kayo Denda, Joseph Deodato, Mary Fetzer, Judy Gardner, Rebecca Gardner, Tom Glynn, Karen Hartman, Melissa Just, Triveni Kuchi, Mei Ling Lo, Megan Lotts, Jackie Mardikian, Kevin Mulcahy, Laura Mullen, Jill Nathanson, Jim Niessen, Jane Sloan, Gene Springs, Ryan Womack, Connie Wu, Tao Yang

1. Chair's Report (Tom Glynn)

The Instruction Community of Practice (ICOP) has reconvened after a temporary hiatus. The group is chaired by Bobbie Tipton and consists of representatives from all campuses. It will play a major role in addressing system-wide library instruction issues.

Jill Nathanson and Mei Ling Lo have created a series of brief online instructional videos addressing a variety of research-related topics. A number of librarians and student assistants assisted in production by providing voiceover narration. The videos are expected to be released by the spring semester.

2. LibGuides CMS (Mei Ling Lo)

Mei Ling Lo provided a brief overview of LibGuides CMS, an enhanced version of LibGuides with additional features for customizing and managing larger volumes of content and users. Features include:

GroupsGroups enable better organization of diverse content types (i.e., research guides, course guides, FAQs, library policies, staff pages, etc.). Group stylesheets can also be applied to visually distinguish different types of content.
Access ControlsAdvanced access controls allow administrators to set access policies limiting author privileges to specific guides or groups of guides. Specific types of content (such as internal documentation) can also be restricted from public view by password or IP address.
Guide OptionsEnhanced customization options allow authors to create custom headers/footers, insert custom code and javascript, or embed useful widgets such as chat or search boxes.
Forms & SurveysAuthors can quickly create and embed online forms that can be used for quizzes, surveys, requests, or work processes.
StatisticsEnhanced statistical reports provide detailed traffic analysis such as pageviews by session, browser/OS breakdowns, referrers, and search queries allowing for more detailed usage assessment.

The cost of RUL's existing LibGuides subscription is approximately $2,000 per year. Upgrading to LibGuides CMS would cost an additional $1,100 per year. Discussion ensued regarding the utility and value of upgrading. A number of factors were highlighted in favor of upgrading including: low cost, increased LibGuides functionality and features, the need for distributed web access and a flexible CMS architecture, the current lack of a staff intranet, and the need to integrate and manage additional guides from UMDNJ. It was recommended that the decision of whether or not to upgrade be made in consultation with the Web Board (especially concerning what types of content are appropriate for LibGuides versus the Libraries' website). It was further noted that much of the functionality of LibGuides CMS is already included in Drupal. However, a number of additional points were made in favor of LibGuides including: most librarians are already familiar and comfortable using LibGuides; the migration to Drupal is still a work in progress; and one of the major benefits of LibGuides is the ability to share content with the larger library community. A trial was suggested in order to evaluate the potential benefits of upgrading. Since LibGuides is a system-wide product, a request for a trial will be made to USC for consideration.

3. Announcements (All)

The Libraries are currently providing a number of additional services to students during final exam week. Access Services is providing stress relief services through Stressbusters to provide free backrubs and puppy petting zoos. A number of libraries are providing free coffee to students. And Kilmer recently held a holiday card makerspace event.

Meeting adjoined at 10:45am
Respectfully submitted by Joseph Deodato

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