Place: Kilmer Library
 Date: Aug. 12, 1999

Present: Ilona Caparros, Jeris Cassel, Scott Hines, Ferris Olin, Penny Page

1.  Reference Statistics

Discussed three different versions of reference statistics form submitted by Uma Swamy.  For ARL it is necessary to distinguish between reference and directional inquiries, whether on or off the desk.  For our own purposes, we would like to know how much time is being spent on off-desk reference, as that may impact on reference models/scheduling.  We agreed to keep daily reference statistics at the desk, but to collect off-desk statistics only on sampling days.  Form 3 (two-sided statistics form) seemed the most applicable, but we will need to make this into two separate forms and to revise the off-desk form to reflect reference and directional encounters.  Scott Hines will discuss the changes needed with Uma.  Once we have the revised forms, we will be ready to do a mailing with cover letter (already prepared by Jeris).  Jeris will contact Arlene Minch to see if she will do the mailing for us.

Decided it would be best to hand out off-desk forms and send out email reminders just prior to sampling days.  (Lib. Assocs. could do this.)

Penny will contact Uma to check status of the off-desk statistics that we kept for spring semester.  We need tabulations by buildings and across NB.

Need to find out if the branches are keeping reference statistics.  Scott will check the science branches (including Chang), Ferris will check with Art and Music, and Ilona will check East Asian.

Jeris will follow-up with Jeanne Boyle regarding clarification of reference definitions, particularly how transactions are counted when a query turns into a “mini-BI.”

2.  Reference Hours for Fall Semester

We will collect ref desk hours for the NB libraries for the fall semester.  Each liaison should send hours to Penny, who will then contact Jeanne Boyle to see if these can be posted on the webpage.  Ideally, these should be posted one month prior to semester, along with building hours.  We can email the hours to RUL faculty, as we did with summer hours.

3.  Voucher Allocations

Allocations were assigned based on total of $38,000:
Alex     14,000
DSS       5,000
KAL      7,500
LSM    11,500
 The DGLSS allocation is lower than last year, reflecting their SROA grant which will provide monies to hire some extra people.  ALEX plans to use “Reference Assistants” this fall (people who have graduated from the Info Desk) using funds resulting from Kevin Mulcahy’s teaching at SCILS.

4.  Proposed Change for Coordinating Team/ISSG

Team discussed Myoung Wilson’s proposal for revamping the Information Services Steering Group.  Since most of the other ISG teams have disbanded, she proposed making the local operations liaisons into the Steering Group.  The leaders of the remaining teams (Telephone Reference, Technology, CKDB) would also be included.  She also felt that there should be a vice-chair for Information Services, and she suggested that Penny and Jeris (as co-leaders of the Coordinating Team) could serve as co-vice chairs for this year, and a new vice-chair could be elected the next time around.  The team approved but also felt that the support staff members (Swamy, McMillan, McGuire) should be included.  They could receive minutes and agendas of all meetings and could be encouraged to contribute discussion items and to attend any meetings dealing with items of importance to them.  The team felt that there would be no reason then to continue to have a separate Coordinating Team; however, the new group might want to consider a name change.

Penny will contact Myoung with the results of the discussion and with a list of dates already scheduled for Coordinating Team meetings (to see if these would be convenient for ISSG meetings).  Penny will also report on this at the 8/20 NB faculty meeting to solicit their approval.

5.  Information Services Models

Brief discussion of on-call and roving librarians.  Local liaisons did not feel they could necessarily serve in such capacities at this point, but this is an important issue and needs further discussion.  We noted that the Library Associates have already been an important part of our group, dealing with reference statistics and other information services, and there may be some talents which are not being utilized.

6.  NB Reference Manual

Began discussion of “Ethics of Service” and “Reference Objectives.”  Decided to use the latest available statement of professional library ethics from ALA.  The objectives section of the KAL manual seemed the most concise; Penny will go over the goals/objectives from ALEX and LSM manuals and see if anything else needs to be included.  She will email draft of these sections to team members.   This discussion will carry over to the new Steering Group.

Respectfully submitted
Penny Page