New Brunswick Libraries Information Services Meeting Minutes
Date:  January 20, 2000

.Recorder:  Pat Piermatti

Present:  Jeris Cassel, Ilona Caparros, Ron Jantz, Penny Page, Pat Piermatti, Lisa Vecchioli, Myoung Chung Wilson (chairman)


1. Approval of the minutes of the previous meeting
2. Announcements
3. Web of Science training for faculty and students—sites and dates
4. Progress reports:
a) Exchange program
b) Internet Reference training program
c) ICI proposal
d) CKDB report
e) Reference Manual
f) Ref desk staffing for the spring semester
g) NBL CTS report
5. ALA midwinter meeting reports
6. updates


1. Internet Reference training program- Please send comments about the distributed outline to Jeris and Scott.
2. Instructional Computing Initiative (ICI) proposal-Please send comments before January 26 to Lisa and Scott.
3. NBL Reference Manual-please submit drafts before May 19, 2000.
4. NBL CTS – February meeting to be scheduled.  In addition to team members, T. Tate, ISG and LOL persons will be invited.


The minutes of the December 16, 1999 meeting were approved with the following correction under “Statistics”:

 All liaisons should send monthly totals for statistics (on-desk daily) to Uma by the 15th of each month (in addition to sending them for forwarding to Nancy Hendrickson).

Some discussion of off desk statistics took place.  At the present time there is no uniform form.  Also, the group questioned the merit of collecting off desk statistics on sampling days only.  R. Jantz suggested that ISG take off desk statistics for an entire week in March and again in October and perhaps also the summer.  More discussion in the future.


M. Wilson said that on Sunday, January 30th, Pauline Beam coordinator for the Rutgers University SLA Student Group will be bringing SCILS students and SLA librarians to the Chang and LSM libraries, and if time and weather  permit, to visit other libraries on the Busch campus.  This is the group’s first tour of the semester and they are covering the agricultural, environmental science, food science, behavioral, biological, earth science, engineering, and pharmaceutical sciences collections as well as government documents and patents.  The Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics libraries will be visited if time permits.

The group will begin touring a little after 1pm and will stop at each unit’s reference desk if open to say hello.
M. Wilson revised a research guide for Mark Winston’s class which should be of interest to the students.  It is now posted on the Library homepage under research guide for LIS ( .

M. Wilson has an independent study student (Myoung and Professor Winston).  Please give Myoung any ideas for field study project.

Connie Wu has returned to LSM from the first six months of her leave.  She has reassumed Local Operations Liaison position.

P. Page reported that the revised Spring 2000 Reference Hours have been sent out.

L. Vecchioli reported that Douglass Library has hired a temporary Librarian 5.  In addition, two students were hired on voucher funds to cover Sundays and weekdays.

R. Jantz reported that SCC is preparing to mount a new data set-Cross National Time Series.  Additionally, the Alcohol Studies database will be up soon.


ISI will offer two training sessions for faculty and graduate students on the New Brunswick/Piscataway campuses.  A third session will be scheduled if necessary-J. Boyle will negotiate with ISI.  After some discussion the group decided on the following:

1 morning training session at Kilmer Library … tentative date is Monday, February 7, 2000
1 morning training session at LSM … tentative date is Wednesday, February 16, 2000
1 morning training session at SCC … tentative date is Friday, February 25, 2000

The group also decided to hold afternoon drop-in sessions from 1-4pm on each of the above dates.  J. Cassel will confirm dates, times and rooms.

Additional discussion followed.  M. Wilson recommended that S. Bartz add RUL Citation Indexes back holdings information to the CKDB.  A good time to advertise NBL.  J. Cassel will compose a message for NBL faculty.  M. Wilson and R. Jantz will compose an announcement.  L. Vecchioli recommended that a training session be held at Douglass to cover Chang faculty and graduate student users.  This fourth session could be held in March.  L. Vecchioli will coordinate with Rebecca Gardner.


a) Exchange Program-has started with M. Wilson working at Douglass reference and L. Vecchioli at Alexander reference.  Myoung said that she will keep a diary.  Myoung and Ron have already begun taking notes at Alexander reference regarding questions which can be answered on the Internet.  They will report later in the semester.

b) Internet Reference training program-J. Cassel distributed the outline which she and S. Hines had prepared.  Comments sent to Jeris and Scott will be much appreciated.  In her review, Jeris said that initial sessions would be 90 minutes long and that there would be a followup session about a week later.  There would be exercises to do; perhaps in teams.  Some discussion followed. R. Jantz raised the point that SCILS spends a semester on each specialized subject area-how do they address print versus Internet resources?  Myoung will consult with Professor Mark Winston.  More discussion … ISG could send guest lecturers (RUL subject specialists) to local reference meetings to present introductory sessions.  Jeris will send out a questionnaire to learn current practice.  P. Piermatti mentioned her “Finding it on the Internet” guide (available off of the pharmaceutical sciences research guide) ( as a helpful starting point.

c) Instructional Computing Initiative (ICI) proposal-the term paper clinic proposal has been worked into a proposal which would target students in the Douglass “Shaping a Life” curriculum.  The proposal was developed based upon experience with the RUL Knowledge Maze.  Knowledge Maze was felt to be too generic for the Shaping a Life curriculum.  This proposal supports a web based tutorial.  Three phases are planned:
Phase I-choose a topic
Phase II-information searching; using libraries; IRIS; indexes
Phase III-incorporation of information into personal projects; term paper clinic-online and also in person consultations

Lisa distributed copies of the proposal and would like any comments sent to she and Scott before January 26, 2000.

d) CKDB report-Ron reported that some librarians are still having difficulty finding the CKDB.  The CKDB team is designing computer stickers with the unique IP address ( .  He then spoke about means of capturing informal knowledge for the common knowledge data base.  Mention was made of capturing emails with reference information and keyword indexing this information.  Recommendation was made to send a copy of reference emails to ckdb@rci .  The CKDB team would designate a member each month to monitor.  Ron will send a general notice to NBL faculty asking for their cooperation.

e) Reference Manual-a new NBL reference manual is being developed.  ISG members are asked to bring their drafts by May 19, 2000.

f) Reference desk staffing-all NBL units are fully staffed

g) NBL CTS report-P. Piermatti reported that the central telephone team will be meeting in February to discuss remaining action items.

ALA Midwinter Meeting

Myoung spoke briefly about the meetings she attended.  She has already forwarded emails to us regarding digital reference service.

Connie mentioned that IEEE has new electronic products.  Connie also attended meetings where discussion of the collection decision process in regards to acquisition of electronic resources was discussed.  She will report further at NBCG meeting January 25, 2000.


Myoung reported that the taskforce appointed by J. Boyle on user initiated document delivery will be making its report soon.

Adjournment:  11:50 am.