Information Services Steering Group Meeting
Thursday, February 15, 2001
Kilmer Area Library
9:30 am - Noon


Present: Jeris Cassel, Kayo Denda, Ellen Gilbert, Scott Hines, Marty Kesselman, Penny Page, Pat Piermatti, Eileen Stec, Myoung C. Wilson


1. Minutes of the previous meeting were approved.

2. Ask A Librarian Service

Myoung C. Wilson reported on Public Services Council discussion … AAL is a growth service and has expanded beyond available volunteers. ISG then spent some time discussing (off the record) AAL in specific and NB reference service in general.

Action Items:

Myoung will summarize and report verbally at tomorrow's (Feb. 16) NBLF meeting.

Ellen and Pat will edit the Alexander Librarians discussion document "Proposals Regarding Ask-a-Librarian" for next week's Public Services Council meeting.

3. Reference Team Leaders - Responsibilities and Selection

Myoung distributed her draft document and lead discussion … goal is common understanding … each unit has different process for selection/election of reference team leader. The Alexander and LSM reference team leaders now supervise pc coordinators based in each building. NB reference team leaders also coordinate the activities of librarian Vs. M. C. Wilson will be chairing the committee conducting annual review of NB Librarian Vs.

Adopted by NB ISG, 2/15/01: Responsibilities of the Reference Team Leader

Action Item:

Myoung will send reference team leader election results to Penny Page.

4. Reference Desk Closing and Reference Hours

M. C. Wilson reiterated importance of maintaining posted reference hours within each NB unit library. Service to our public must be top priority. The recent heavy snowstorm and canceling of evening classes on NB campuses by RU provided opportunity for M. C. Wilson, F. Tehrani and R. Toyama to discuss building closure during such weather emergencies. We will be kept posted. Some discussion followed.

5. NB Central Telephone Service-update

E. Gilbert, M.C. Wilson, Tom Glynn and Brian August and Verizon programmer met ?? to discuss status of NBCTS. Discussion ensued. Scott Hines reported that eventually RUNet 2000 will allow voice over IP … Douglass Library after D21 renovations could become a digital call center. More discussion. P. Piermatti reiterated her desire to step aside from NBCTS activities after nearly 4 years involvement in the planning process.

6. NBL Reference Manual

Discussion of the NBL Reference Manual ensued. Additional text will be added to the section regarding responsibilities of reference team leaders … i.e. reference transactions, reference statistics, and reference hours are coordinated by the team leaders …

Myoung recommended the addition of the ISG organizational chart with current office holders … Penny will add as an appendix. Scott reported that the NBL Reference Manual has been added to the NBL website.

7. Spring 2001 Exchange Librarian Program

Tom Glynn @ Douglass
Kayo Denda @ Alexander
Ryan Womack @ Alexander
Scott Hines @ LSM

8. Instruction

Myoung asked for an update … Scott reported that Leslie Murtha is the new chair of the NB Instruction Team. Marty stated that anyone on the instructional group could be a liaison to ISG.

Scott is working with the RUL Webmaster in restructuring the instructional pages. Would like to achieve the goal of revamping RUL website to be functionally oriented … by research process rather than by form.

Marty raised issue of developing a Questia ( ) like service for first and second year students. Scott mentioned that the RU Learning Resource Centers are already doing library/information literacy training … more than we are doing … they have special University funding to do so.

Discusssion … Eileen Stec commented that we need a full time graphic artist to jazz up our web pages.

Action item:

M.C. Wilson will speak with Jeris Cassel about being the liaison.

9. ACIC Grant

M.C. Wilson thanked members of the committee for their work and very fine proposal.

Marty reported that there are 45 computers available (P5/200 w/80K RAM) for redistribution in NBL from SCC. Ann Montanaro's department is compiling an inventory of NBL computers.

Action item:

Pat will make sure that Beth Sawicki keeps a desiderata list of science unit pc needs; especially the needs of Access Services personnel.

10. Announcements

M.C. Wilson will be in Korea, March 8 through March 23, 2001. The March NB ISG meeting is cancelled.

Kayo Denda is the new Douglass Library Reference Team Leader. Congratulations to Kayo!

11. Food and Drink

M.C. Wilson met with F. Tehrani and A. Snowman. Access Services will be assessing the current food and drink policy at Kilmer Library. For the present, Kilmer practice will not be expanded.


The meeting was adjourned at 11:43 am.

Respectfully submitted by secretary of the day,

Patricia Piermatti