New Brunswick Information Services Steering Group Meeting
Thurs., November 8, 2001
- Conference Room, Kilmer Library

Present: Stephanie Bartz, Jeris Cassel, Scott Hines (recorder), Ron
Jantz, Martin Kesselman, Kevin Mulcahy, Penny Page, Pat Piermatti,
Myoung Wilson (convenor)

1) If a library considers changing reference hours, bring it to ISG for
2) Information fair will be implemented in the spring semester 2002.
3) Reference exchange will move to a better coordinated system.
4) Temporary Librarian Responsibilities document is accepted with

Tasks to complete:
1) Team leaders will take inventory of hours for various building
areas and send to Myoung.
2) Kevin will bring discussion of "mylibrary" services to Mary
for inclusion on January NBL faculty meeting agenda.
3) Penny will send draft of reference hours to team leaders.
4) Penny will edit reference manual to include verbiage on
reference exchange.
5) Myoung will appoint task force to implement information fair.
6) Myoung will send out call for participation in reference
7) Myoung will send to Penny a definition of "staff information
assistant" and Penny will include it in reference manual.
8) Myoung will edit and circulate temporary librarian document and then
send to Penny for reference manual and to Ryoko and Mary for NBL
9) Jeris will ask ISC for suggestions for ACIC proposals.

1) Minutes of the last meeting were approved.

2) Reference Hours
Penny will send draft of hours to ISG members. If an indivdual library
is considering changing its reference desk hours, bring it to ISG with
rationale for discussion. Reference Team Leaders will take inventory of
hours for building areas such as stacks, copy center, etc.

3) Exploration of Alternative Models of Information Services
This discussion will be ongoing and will always be on the agenda. Next
meeting the discussion will focus on D21 staffing issues. In addition,
interest in "MyLibrary" style personalized portal service is increasing,
so Kevin will bring this to NBL faculty as a discussion item for January
NBL faculty meeting.

4) Information Fair
As part of a marketing effort for Information Services, we'll try
holding an information fair at the student centers. A task force will be
appointed for planning the fair to be held in spring semester at Busch
and College Avenue student centers.

5) Reference Exchange
To foster balance in provision of reference desk services, we'll move to
a more coordinated system. Initiative can remain with individual
librarians with coordination by ISG and occasional recruitment by ISG.
The program will be evaluated in terms of its overall positive impact on NBL
information services. The verbiage in the NBL Information Services
Manual will be changed to reflect these decisions. Myoung will send out
call for participation and ISG will take a look at the responses at December
ISG meeting.

6) Reference Manual
Updates and changes in sections on exchange program and Ask a Librarian
have been made as well as changes to the section on personnel related to
definitions for part-time librarians and reference assistants. Myoung
will send definition of "staff information assistant" to Penny for
inclusion in this section.

7) Instructional Services
Instruction librarians are in place, each of them bringing technology
skills and interest in technology projects. Jeris Cassel and Stephanie
Tama are coordinating NB wide instruction for English 201 sections.

8) Temporary Librarians
Document outlining responsibilities of temporary librarians was
introduced and will be circulated among ISG members once changes are
made and then will be included in reference manual with copies sent to NBL director
and NBL Faculty chair.

9) ACIC proposals
ACIC proposals for technology projects and/or upgrades to computers and
other equipment are due in February. We have several possibilities for
projects, including upgrades to IHLs, flat panel LCD monitors at
reference desks with upgrades to reference desk computers, and
instuctional projects. We will consider these ideas at next meeting.

10) Reports
** Public Services Council approved an investigation of real-time
virtual reference services and Marty and Natalie will spearhead the
** New look for 856 local holdings field in IRIS will be introduced.
** Reference Team Leaders reports --
Jeris is going on leave and a temporary part-time librarian (12 hours
per week) will be hired.
Alex may bring some data center operations to the first floor and may
look into other changes for the layout of the first floor.
Douglass is looking for a full time temporary librarian to fill in for
Scott for reference and instruction when he moves into PROP project
starting January 1.
SMLR is searching for a new librarian, where the librarian line is
funded by the IMLR and the staff and collection budget is funded by the
** D21 -- coffee shop in the library idea was discussed and ultimately
rejected because of complexities of such an operation. The architectual
designs for the first floor renovation of information services, access
services, and the lobby and gallery space have been accepted and funded
and the renovation will proceed.
** Computers funded by an ACIC grant written by Marty, Ron, and Scott
are here and will be installed soon.
** Stephanie thanked Tony Joachim for his service as interim PC
Coordinator for LSM, which he took on in addition to his regular duties
at douglass. She also extended a welcome to Isaiah Beard, who is the new PC
Coordinator at LSM.

11) Next meeting is December 13.