New Brunswick Libraries Faculty Meeting
November 20, 1998

Present:   B. Beede, I. Caparros, J. Cassel, N. Chou, J. Consoli, H. Dess, E. Fabiano
                   (convener), M. Fetzer,  R. Gardner, E.Gilbert, L. Langschied, M. Kesselman,
                   K. Mulcahy, F. Olin, P. Piermattti, N. Putnam, H. Rusak, J. Sloan, F. Tehrani,
                   L. Vazquez (recorder)


1.  Approval of minutes of October 16 meeting

Two changes to the minutes were suggested: Francoise was a member of the committee
to plan for networked printing, not chair; human ecology and environmental studies were
added to the areas for which recommendations were made in the NB Collections Group,
Locations Subcommittee report.
2. Director’s Report-Toyama/Puniello
Ryoko reported for Francoise that the RFP for implementing networked printers has gone out.
Ryoko serves on four campus-wide committees; recent activities highlighted:

1-NB Academic Coordinating Council, chaired by Prof. Susan Forman (Psych)
New website of the RU Office of Scheduling provides an online schedule
of classes, course offerings, class locations with zoom-in mapping capability

2-NB Computing Advisory Committee, chaired by Prof. Peter Falk (Math)

3-NB Advisory Committee for Instructional Computing, chaired by Prof. Teuvo Airola (Cook)
Responsible for ICI (Instructional Computing Initiative) funding decisions.  Libraries portion
of ICI funds guaranteed for next year.  New competitive program with million $ in funds
targeted for proposals for 1)infrastructure replacement and 2) innovative instructional teaching
with technology ideas submitted by departments. Libraries should consider submitting a proposal

4-NB Instructional Technology Faculty Support Committee, chaired by Gary Gigliotti (TEC).
$350,000 available for this Committee to make small awards for innovative instructional
technology proposals.  SCC Management Team has applied for funds to complete the online
library instruction program "Information Maze".

3. Institutionalizing the Libn V position in the NB Libraries – Fabiano

Emily reviewed the proposal re this issue that was included with the draft agenda
posted last week via email:

"Librarian Vs have been hired as a matter of practice in the last few years to fill vacant
NB faculty positions.  Most are temporary, renewable for short periods.  Recommendation
is to offer annually renewable contracts when we hire Librarian Vs while we search, rather
than several temporary renewals.   Rationale: we have come to rely on this professional level
of staffing; provides opportunity for Libn Vs to participate more in planning and administrative
functions of their units; permanent assignments provide organizational stability for the libraries
and benefits the Libn V as well; we broaden the opportunities for new librarians entering the
profession or those with substantive experience who chose not to be on tenure-track positions".

A chart on the Status of filling NB faculty vacancies was distributed, listing current open
faculty lines, progress of the searches, and names and terms of current Librarian Vs filling
those lines.

Discussion focused on the charted information and a correction to the same to add an additional
vacancy at the Kilmer Library; review of responsibilities of current Libn Vs; clarification of
some terms used in discussion such as “conversion” of vacant lines which has not been suggested
but should be a near-future topic for discussion; implications of increasing permanent, annually
renewable contracts on tenure-track lines and moving forward on this issue of justice.

Motion was made that when a faculty vacancy occurs in New Brunswick we hire a Librarian
V for a twelve-month period while the search proceeds; all but one present voted in favor of
the motion.  Point of information to clarify what happens if the faculty vacancy is filled in less
than a years time; Emily will clarify.

4. Updates on current NB faculty searches
Business Librarian (Kilmer) -- interviews in progress
World History and Humanities (Alex) -- candidates to interview beginning end of
Information Technology (SCC) -- decision pending on final selection
Faculty reminded to attend sessions reserved for us to meet with candidates who interview;
discussion on revision of the interview schedule continued into the next agenda item.
5.  Revising “Interview Schedule” for NB faculty searches - Cassel
The schedule used for interviewing candidates for vacant faculty positions has not been
reviewed for some time; with the new organization some change is needed.

Suggestions included streamlining the schedule; having the four heads of the New
Brunswick faculty groups meet separately with the candidates or in union with the faculty;
reduce administrator’s meetings with candidates, i.e., one AUL; combine lunch with a formal
meeting session; have faculty meetings with the candidates on the campus with better parking.

A motion to have the interview schedule developed by the Chair and members of a search
committee was approved unanimously.

6. Role and composition of the SACs – Beede
Emily reminded everyone to respond to the call for ideas/issues about the SACs to the
Coordinating Committee before December 16.

Ben summarized issues thus far; discussion ensued.  Sentiment for one council versus three
SACs seems to be centered in New Brunswick so we need to convince others how one council,
interacting with staff operations could work effectively.  Jeris suggested that we have a
group/committee develop a NB faculty proposal to be forwarded to the Coordinating Committee
before December 16.  Members of the group are Jeris, Joe, Halina, Marty, Rebecca and Ben.

  7.  Announcements
New mixed media exhibit opening at Douglass Library; Danielle Marin,
"Reclaiming the Dress" and Joy Walker, "True Love"  – Olin

Colloquium (sponsored jointly by Physics and RUL) entitled "Past and Future Publishing
of Scholarly Journals: Where Physicists Have Been and Where They Are Going",
Wednesday, Dec. 2nd, Physics Lecture Hall, Busch Campus - Dess

Friday, 1pm, farewell party for Wonshik Shim in the SCC – Langschied

Stan Nash is now undergoing chemotherapy and so far all is going well – Mulcahy

 BNA representatives will be here on December 1st to demonstrate the BNA
 database, Collections Manager and to review and discuss other issues such as the
 approval plan

 NEXT MEETING: FRIDAY, DECEMBER 18, Pane Room, 9:30am!