NB Library Faculty Meeting Minutes
Date: 10/15/99

 Attendees: M. Kesselman, S. Hines, H. Dess, J. Sloan, M. Fetzer
(chair), L. Vazquez, A. Tallau, B. Hancock, R. Jantz, P. Page, K. Mulcahy, I.
Caparros, N. Chou, J.Cassel, R.Toyama, E. Fabiano, M. Page, R. Gardner, B. Beede,
Langschied, T. Tate

 Mary reminded all about the memorial for Stan Nash on Tuesday.
There was a moment of silence to honor the memory of our beloved colleague, Stan.

 Agenda approved. Minutes approved following correction of spelling
of Lourdes Vazquez's name.

Announcements -- Mary handed out organization chart for NB Functional
Groups. M. Kesselman will let Mary know when vacancies for liaisons
from Access Services and Collection Mgmt to the NB Technology Team are
filled. Ron Jantz (not M. Kesselman) is the second liaison with Jeris
Cassel to the NB Information Services Team.

Ryoko handed out an analysis on the status of open faculty lines in
NB. At present there are now 9 open lines. A copy of this document is
Ryoko encouraged faculty to hold lively e-mail discussions when
position descriptions are first circulated to them. The NBLF should
anticipate several position descriptions being circulated as the result of
open lines and NBLF should take the opportunity to circulate comments fully
via e-mail when the position descriptions are released from the exploratory
committees currently underway. She has left decisions on which positions to
fill with temps to the smaller groups. The push by the TEC towards teaching
students and increased funding for this purpose was noted; the librarians
need to consider as to how we might fit in with this.

Technology Discussion -- The NB Technology Team has proposed an
expansion of the Short Research Assignment program for technology professional
development. There was some discussion if this should be a separate
program. DECISION: the NBLF endorsed in principle the idea to
include this, however, as part of the existing program (maybe change the
title) and has asked the Technology Team to further develop a proposal for
discussion and endorsement to then go to the RUL faculty at large. Further, the
NBLF endorsed the idea of having Marianne put funds towards this program and that
applicants could apply for these funds competitively. It was noted that we say that
training in advanced technology skills is a priority; yet very little money is put into
this area.
Linda Langschied will bring this issue forward at Coordinating
Committee. Regarding training, it was felt that large-scale intensive
training is not that useful, whereas informational training, such
as introducing a technology and its possibilities, stimulates
awareness and is deemed very valuable. The example was given that we lack general
awareness of what technology a particular company is using for databases to
which we subscribe. This information sharing should be a part of many of our
NB Library Faculty meetings.

RT noted that there is a pot of $5000 of emergency funds for
computing equipment for NB and suggested that the NB Technology Team oversee
the distribution of these funds. Ryoko will write up what she would
expect and work with Marty on this change.

There was also a discussion on the role/utilization of technology
librarians within the NB libraries. Concerns were raised by some for the need
for flexibility to prevent burnout and to utilize these individuals' special
expertise to the fullest. It was noted that some librarians, although not
technology librarians, have other special expertises such as in collections.
Several librarians noted some of the flexibility already exists. It
was also noted that there are benefits in having a technology-focused
librarian at the reference desk. Specific concerns were mentioned for
librarians who have left us over the past several years because they were
stretched too thin. The former position of Digital Projects Librarian (Delphine)
was noted as an example of someone who was able to accomplish much
because her  position was focused only on digital projects. Some mentioned that
they were unfamiliar with her work and wondered if a staff person would
have been able to accomplish as much. But, Delphine's background as a
librarian was instrumental in the liaison relationships she fostered and the
insights into projects developed. This is a very complex issue and no consensus was
achieved. The Technology Team will further articulate the discussion
points/issues and bring them forward to the NBLF for a further discussion.
Under new business, T. Tate announced an October 28 open forum on
diversity  in library organizations to be held at 1:30 in the Pane Room.

Meeting adjourned at 11:30 a.m. and was followed by a meeting of
the NB Tenured Librarians to discuss the next round of FASIP and the
criteria to be used.

Respectfully submitted, Martin Kesselman, 10/18/99


October 15, 1999

To:     NB Library Faculty

From:   Ryoko Toyama

Re:     Status of vacant faculty positions

The initial search for Agricultural Librarian position was not
successful. The search will be extended,  incorporating suggestions from Cook
campus. The Search Committee : (Helen Hoffman, chair; Howard Dess, Rebecca
Gardner; Jackie Mardikian), propose to revise the position title to:
Environmental and Agricultural Sciences Librarian.  Putting "environmental" first
reflects the probable emphasis and priorities as Cook; including
"agricultural" recognizing the historic land-grant agricultural status of the
College. (there is no temporary librarian in place)

Exploratory Committee for the Librarian V, 60% position (Ellen
Calhoun, chair; Helen Hoffman; Susan Goodman; Rebecca Gardner; Jackie
proposed to post the position as Science Reference Librarian.
Collection development and faculty liaison responsibilities that Susan Goodman
has assumed over the years will be distributed to full time subject
specialists. (position will be available in Feb. 2000)

The search for Science and Digital Projects Librarian will also be
extended. The Committee members are: Howard Dess, chair; Ellen Calhoun; Ron
Jantz; and Pat Piermatti. (temporary librarian V is in)

Exploratory Committee for Instructional Librarian position for NBL
with her/his primary workstation at Kilmer, consisting of Jeris Cassel,
Ben Beede, and Ryan Wormack, continues brainstorming with the directors.
Feedback from NB faculty came in after the discussion in the Faculty
Meeting.  (temporary librarian V is in)

Exploratory Committee for Music and/or Performing Arts Librarian
position at Douglass, consisting of Roger Tarman, Kevin Mulcahy and Nancy Putnam,
proposed two positions instead of one, Performing Arts Librarian and
Associate Music Librarian.  Since there is only one vacant line, more
discussion is needed in the context of D-21, incorporating
digital/multimedia with subject speciality.  (no temporary librarian
on duty)

History/Political Science Librarian (and Jewish Studies expertise)
search is in effect.  The Search Committee, Myoung Wilson, chair; Joe Consoli;
Mary Fetzer; Prof. Clemens, History; Prof. Bathory, Pol.Sci.; Prof.
Zerubavel, Jewish Studies, will begin initial screening of applicants shortly.
(no temporary librarian in)

History Selector (formerly Stan Nash) positions will be explored in
conjunction with the above search. (no temporary librarian in)

Two positions related closely to digital and multimedia operations of
the New Brunswick Libraries.
(1) SCC Management Team (the group may revise their role and name)
began to explore a leadership position for Digital and Multimedia operation
prompted by the retirement of Nancy Putnam.  Linda Langschied, Emily Fabinao,
Marty Kesselman, Ron Jantz, Nancy Putnam, Brian Hancock, and invitees will
meet weekly to plan for the future configuration of staffing and
responsibilities.  (position will become available in Feb. 2000)
(2) SCC Systems Librarian position (formerly held by Boyd Collins,
then by Delphine Khana).  The same group is examining the position in a broad
context.  (no temporary librarian is in)

At present there are 9 vacancies.  Status of librarian V's at the Art
and Douglass Libraries will be explored in early 2000.

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