Subject:  Draft Minutes of November 19 NBLF meeting
Minutes (Draft) NB Libraries Faculty Meeting
November 19th 1999

Attendees: R. Womack, L. Vazquez, Ryoko Toyama, P. Page, H. Dess,
K.Mulcahy, R. Jantz, M. Wilson, J. Mardikan, T. Tate, R. Gardner, J.
Cassel, M. Kesselman, I. Caparros, B. Beede, P. Piermati, F. Olin, F.
Puniello, M. Fetzer (chair), S. Bartz, F. Tehrani, B. Hancock.

Agenda approved, moved by B. Beede, seconded by F. Olin.

October 15th minutes approved, moved by B. Beede, seconded by I. Caparros.

Announcements: M. Fetzer distributed the NB Functional Groups chart.  M. Page and
F. Tehrani will act as liaisons to Technology Team or send staff when
appropriate. Anyone with ideas on technology matters the NBLF would like to see
demonstrated or volunteers to do demos should email M. Fetzer.

Director's Report: F. Puniello said that the Vice President had provided money to have
an architect complete a report for D21.  By February a cost analysis
should be ready and fund raising can begin. The library has proposed that the
renovations to the Annex be given priority as part of the $169 million
University infrastructure program.  F. Puniello also proposed that a new
committee be struck to deal with the impending move of Multimedia from
Kilmer to Douglass.

R. Toyama informed the group that a request for review of five librarian
faculty positions was sent to the University Librarian.  They are:
World  History/Jewish Studies,
Anglo-American History/Political Science, Instruction and Information
Services, Women's Studies, and Music Librarian positions.  On the
retirement of N. Putnam, J. Sloan will serve on the Instructional Technology
Support Committee, chaired by G. Gigliotti, Director of the TEC.
R. Toyama will continue to serve on this committee.  L. Langschied will take
R. Toyama's place on the Advisory Committee for Computing.  This committee
proposed a coordinated PC purchase plan across the NB campuses.  As a
esult, we were able to acquire a good number of PCs at a discount.
R. Toyama will continue to serve on the Academic Coordination Council
and the  Advisory Committee on Instructional Computing (aka the ICI
committee).This year the committee will allocate over $1M for qualified proposals.
NB Information Services Steering Group M. Wilson introduced the proposal,
"Moving New Brunswick Libraries toward an Integrated Information Service Model."
This proposal came from a NB Libraries Faculty meeting in July and everyone has been asked to
participate fully.  We must examine what we are doing and ask ourselves if this
is adequate for the needs of the students and faculty. Unlike
Collection Development, for example, Public Services involves everyone and
these services must be integrated across the NB campuses.  The three
assumptions from the document: expansion of Internet resources, just-in-time information,
understanding local particulars, will lead to some new
needs and results.  Some examples are: personnel shifting, new services, Internet
reference librarianship, training, and service from any campus.

P. Piermatti then opened discussion on the Telephone Team report.
The team is working on the final draft.  The action items are: money, trunk lines
and equipment.  The committee needs to obtain an estimate of the cost.
The service will provide information on hours, directions and access to
staff and will be based at the Alexander Library.  The URL for the report
in  msword format is:

A discussion followed concerning the costs of the system and
staffing requirements.  It was suggested that this was a project in progress
and that an evolving budget might be required.  Once the plan is clarified,
outside funding may be appropriate.  M. Kessleman moved that we move ahead
more quickly on this and the group agreed.
 M. Wilson brought up the second proposal in the document concerning
Internet librarianship.  It was noted that librarians already have started in this
area by putting up research guides.  However, M. Wilson reminded
the group that an Internet reference service model required more than just
guides. Discussion followed on when to use print and when to use electronic
sources. It was also remarked that training will be an important aspect of
this model.  M. Kesselman pointed out that reference questions should be
answered by the appropriate subject specialist.  In general the document was
supported particularly with respects to exchanges between libraries
which will foster better understanding and cooperation.  M. Wilson
reminded the group that only participation will allow the proposals to work.

Proposed Conference on the Globalization of Information

T. Tate informed the group that a conference will be held in the Alexander
Library on December 6th called "Global Librarianship: Building Community
for the New Century."

It was also suggested that there may be an opportunity to hold a
conference at Rutgers as an adjunct to the Boston IFLA conference in 2001.  It
was decided to endorse this and send the proposal to the entire
faculty.  T. Tate will draft a statement.

Ultraseek Server Software Preview

B. Hancock demonstrated briefly the Ultraseek Server software
currently running "Index Antiquus" on a Linux server in CETH.  The URL is: The meeting adjourned at 11:45am and was followed
by a meeting of the tenured faculty to discuss FASIP.

Submitted respectfully by B. Hancock on November 23rd 1999.

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